The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2940

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2940-The Great Wilderness was far too big. It was extremely difficult for James to find Xainte in the vast mountain range of the Great Wilderness.

He stood on top of a mountain and started to ponder.

If he wanted to find Xainte, he needed to first understand why Xainte came to the Great Wilderness.

He had previously heard Xainte conversing with Yikron and mentioning her mother.

“Could it be that Xainte came to the Great Wilderness to find her mother?”

As he thought about this, James was instantly energized. According to his speculation, Xainte was his daughter, so Thea would be her mother, right? Was Thea in the Great Wilderness?

At this moment, James was worked up. However, he was also at a loss. He had no idea where to go from here.

He sincerely hoped that everything was as he suspected, that Thea was indeed in the Great Wilderness. Then, he would be able to meet with her and would not have to worry about finding her.

He did not know which direction he should take moving forward.

Nonetheless, he guessed that moving toward the depths of the Great Wilderness would be fine. After determining which direction he had come from, he moved forward.

He was already in the Great Wilderness, so he did not press on his journey with the Saucer. Instead, he exerted all of his strength and flew at full tilt.

James was a powerful cultivator who had reached the Sage Rank’s Tenth Stage. The speed at which he was traveling was fairly good.

However, along the way, he noticed a strange phenomenon. In the vast mountain range of the Great Wilderness, he did not come across a single creature. It struck him as odd and did not make sense.

The Primordial Energy in this mountain range was quite good. In normal circumstances, there would be monsters. Even if there were no monsters, there would be some animals who did not develop wisdom. Regardless, he did not come across any life along the way.

The entire Great Wilderness was dead silent.

James kept moving forward, into the depths of the Great Wilderness. While he pressed on for a dozen days, he did not come across any life, nor did he find any trace of humans either.

After traveling nonstop for half a month, he came to a temporary halt. He took out the communicator, opened the map, and started to look at it. He discovered that his current location was still at the fringe of the Great Wilderness.

The Great Wilderness was vast. With his current strength, if he wanted to reach the deepest part of the Great Wilderness, he would need to fly with all his might for about three years.

James took a short break. After he had a good rest and recovered the expended Sage Energy, he took out the Saucer and started using the Saucer to advance.

Following the use of the Saucer, he was traveling at a much higher speed.

Soon, he appeared in the depths of the Great Wilderness.

After arriving at the depths of the Great Wilderness, James put away the Saucer. He stood on the crest of a mountain and looked at his surroundings.

He was surrounded by an undulating mountain range. The mountain range was covered in massive trees that stood several thousand meters tall.

Gales raged through, causing the massive trees to sway incessantly. Waves formed from the leaves of countless large trees.

The wind was howling, and the tree branches were rustling.

James stood on the mountain’s summit, surveying his surroundings. His Divine Sense dispersed, and everything in this area emerged in his mind.

At this moment, he discovered that in an area not far away, there were living beings.

After he detected the living beings, James promptly hurried toward these living beings. In a short period of time, he appeared in the vicinity of these living beings.

There were three cultivators-two men and one woman.

The three were sitting under a large tree, around a campfire. They had taken out fresh meat that had already been prepared from the Storage Ring and were roasting the meat.

As soon as James drew near, the three instantly got to their feet.


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