The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2954

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2954-The Paragon Sect’s Great Elder was also a Quasi-Emperor.

However, he was only at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Second Tribulation and his strength was similar to Xainte.

Not only could he be considered a powerhouse in the Eidolon Realm, but he was also regarded as a top powerhouse in the Boundless Realm.

After he received the order from the Southern Reverend, he informed the other four academies about the Malevolent Demon and invited their headmasters to gather in the Southern Academy to discuss the matter.

Then, he quickly rushed to the Paragon Sect.

When the Southern Academy’s Great Elder reached the Paragon Sect, the Great Elder of the Paragon Sect, who was also Xainte’s teacher, came to see him.

“Sir Haberly.’’ Paragon Sect’s Great Elder was named Mateo Jackman.

He was at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s Eighth Tribulation.

Meanwhile, the Southern Academy’s Great Elder’s name was Niklaus Haberly.

Inside the Paragon Sect’s main hall, an older man of about 60 sat on the highest seat of the council.

That person was none other than Mateo, Paragon Sect’s Great Elder.

Mateo looked at Niklaus and asked with a smile, “Is there something you need from the Paragon Sect?” Niklaus replied solemnly, “The Malevolent Demon is still alive.” Mateo’s expression aski darkened in turn.

During this period, many rumors had spread about the Malevolent Demon.

Word of this also reached his ears, and he knew that his disciple, Xainte, had gone to the Great Wilderness.

Mateo asked, “Have these rumors been verified?” Niklaus nodded and said, “I’ve led a few of the Southern Academy’s elders to the depths of the Great Wilderness.

We met the Malevolent Demon inside her cultivation cave and fought with her.

However, we sustained injuries from fighting it.

“Our headmaster entrusted me to request the Paragon Sect’s Martial Reverend to lead the attack against the Malevolent Demon.” Mateo replied, “Our Sect Leader is still in seclusion.” Niklaus said solemnly, ‘The Malevolent Demon is a great threat.

If she returns, the Eidolon Realm will be thrown into chaos again.

Our Headmaster suggests that the five major academies should unite with the Eidolon Realm’s powerhouses and hunt the Malevolent Demon in the Great Wilderness.” Mateo thought for a moment and said, “Please wait, Sir Haberly.

I’ll go see our Sect Leader and inquire about his opinion on the matter.” Niklaus nodded.

“Alright.” Mateo understood the seriousness of the matter, so he did not dare to treat it lightly.

He quickly left for Paragon Sect’s back mountains where the Sect Leader’s seclusion sanctuary was located.

There was a manor situated on the mountain, and it was shrouded in silence.

This silence was broken by the sound of approaching footsteps.

Mateo walked into the manor.

He stood before a room and called out.

“Sir.” Creak.

The door opened, and a man walked out.

The handsome man seemed to be in his 30s and was dressed in a plain white robe.

He strode out with his hands crossed behind his back.

Mateo walked over and asked, “How’s your injury, Sir?” The Martial Reverend said solemnly, “My injuries have recovered, but the Malevolent Demon is truly terrifying.

Even after tens of thousands of years, I still haven’t eliminated the energy she left in my body.

I can only suppress it for now.” Mateo said solemnly, “Sir… I have some bad news.” “Hmm?” The Martial Reverend looked at Mateo.

Mateo explained, “I’ve just received news that the Malevolent Demon is still alive.” “That’s impossible.”


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