The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2995

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2995-Now, she had removed the Mind Control Art on these beasts and freed them from mind control.

After cursing, the Chancellor gazed into the distance with a solemn expression.

“Hmph, enjoy this while it lasts! Once James is dead, none of you shall escape.”

The Chancellor did not panic. That was because he was the only one who knew the exit of the Cursed World. Besides, the Curse Power here was immense. In such a world, he was invincible.

After Thea removed the Mind Control Art on some beasts, the fierce battle stopped temporarily. All gazes were fixed on James and the four-hundred-thousand-strong army.

At that moment, James appeared before the Twelve Furies. Holding the Divine Sword in his hand, he looked at them and pointed the sword at them. Invisible Sword Energy shredded through the air, and he said with an indifferent expression, “Make your move.”

“Hmph, you must have a death wish!”

A hoarse voice said.

Then, one of the Twelve Furies charged toward James at extraordinary speed. His speed was so great that James could not even react in time. That was because his rank was only at the Sage Rank. Though he had obtained immense power through the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation, he had yet to completely adapt to it.

Before he could even react, one of the Twelve Furies appeared before him and slammed his fist against his chest. Though James wanted to defend himself, he was too late. The fist slammed against his chest. At that moment, the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation circulated, and the four-hundred-thousand-strong army alongside the other leaders spread the damage among themselves.

James remained where he stood. Patting his chest, he said nonchalantly, “Aren’t you too weak?”


The Fury that attacked James was shocked.

His physical strength was at the Emperor Rank, and his power should be enough to shake heaven and earth. Even a Grand Emperor would suffer injuries after being struck. Yet, here was James completely unscathed.

From afar, the Chancellor cried out, “Use the Big Dipper Formation at once. Otherwise, you won’t be able to annihilate him.”

“Too bad you won’t have the chance to do so anymore.”

James said coldly.

He raised the sword in his hand, and his body flashed. Then, in the next instant, he appeared before the Fury and pierced him with his sword.

The ordinary swing of the sword encompassed all things. In the pupils of the Fury, the myriad paths of the heavens unfolded before his eyes. At that moment, he was dumbfounded. By the time he collected himself, the Divine Sword was already before him. He summoned his full strength and gathered them on the surface of his skin, forming a protective barrier.


The moment the Divine Sword struck the protective barrier, the barrier instantly shattered. Then, the Divine Sword pierced through the Fury’s body. At that moment, millions of Sword Light exploded within his body, and his physical body was destroyed.

The Fury’s Primordial Spirit hurriedly escaped. However, James was everywhere. Countless shadows merged and appeared before the Primordial Spirit in an instant. As they merged, a bizarre swordsmanship power exploded and pierced through the Primordial Spirit.


The Primordial Spirit screamed in pain. Then, the illusory face of the Primordial Spirit became distorted before completely disappearing from this world.


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