The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2997

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 2997-The Chancellor burst into a roar of laughter. He was invincible in this world. No one could stand against him.

At that moment, Thea hurriedly appeared beside James. As she was affected by the Curse Power, her face was pale and full of bulging green veins.

“You have to think of a way, James! The four-hundred-thousand-strong army won’t last for much longer. Once the formation breaks, it’s all over for us.”

She hurriedly said.

James’ expression was unusually grim.

He looked at the Chancellor in the distance, who was enveloped by the overwhelming Curse Power. Not only that, the Curse Power was gathering non-stop, and the Chancellor was growing increasingly stronger. If his aura continued to rise, he would soon be able to destroy the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation with ease.

The only way was to stop him from using the world’s Curse Power.

However, how?

Suddenly, an idea flashed through James’ mind.

He summoned the Jade Seal and catalyzed it. The Imperial Seal appeared in the mid-air and frantically absorbed the Curse Power of this world. Even the Curse Power inside the Chancellor seemed to be showing signs of losing control. After absorbing the Curse Power, the Jade Seal transferred the power to James.

Thea’s Curse Power from before was incomparable to this. The current Curse Power was too immense and concentrated. If not for the four-hundred-thousand-strong army, James’ body would have immediately exploded the moment the Curse Power entered his body.

“Thea, Martial Reverend, Southern Reverend, go get them.”

James ordered, “Use the power of the formation and annihilate the mastermind and the remaining eleven Grand Emperors.”

The Martial Reverend nodded while Thea unsheathed the Malevolent Sword. Charging toward the Chancellor at the same time, they appeared before him in an instant.

At that moment, the Chancellor felt his Curse Power being sapped away. Disbelief and horror were written on the Chancellor’s face as he exclaimed, “I-Impossible! How are you able to absorb the Curse Power inside my body?”

However, Thea and the Martial Reverend were already on his heels. Seeing this, the eleven Furies blocked their attacks.

A fierce battle erupted once more.

As the battle re-erupted, the beasts at the Grand Emperor Rank who were previously being controlled by the Sanctuary of Darkness were livid after regaining consciousness. Without any hesitation, they charged toward the Chancellor and the eleven Furies.

The battle escalated.

Divine Rank cultivators had no right to participate. Those who joined were at least at the Grand Emperor Rank.

Though the atmosphere in this world was strong, the ordinary swings of the sword by these Emperor Rank cultivators could create massive spatial fissures. Though the eleven Furies possessed immense power, they slowly lost ground against the horde of beasts at the Grand Emperor Rank. Meanwhile, the Chancellor was determined to reseize control of the Curse Power. However, the bizarre Jade Seal that was in mid-air was sapping it from him, and he had lost control of the Curse Power of this world. Even the Curse Power inside his body was being rapidly sapped away.

At that moment, he knew that he had lost and that the resurrection plan had failed. However, he did not wish to yield.

“No one can stop me!”

He roared incessantly and summoned his Curse Magic to the max in an attempt to reseize control.

At that moment, James was sitting in a lotus position in the air. When the immense Curse Power entered his body, he could not endure the sudden influx despite having already surpassed the Grand Emperor Rank. Hence, he could only hurriedly suppress and refine the Curse Power into mysterious black characters.


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