The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3002

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3002-At that moment, the Chancellor was invincible. No one stood a chance against him. Everyone saw James deflecting his attack, but James only barely managed to do so by summoning the Infinity Steles. Even so, he suffered injuries. Without the Infinity Steles, he would have been severely injured or even dead despite his current physical strength, which was equivalent to a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven.

After blocking the Chancellor’s brutal attack, James hurriedly retreated and stayed far away from this region. At the same time, he catalyzed the Jade Seal and kept absorbing Curse Power. He concentrated on suppressing the Curse Power he absorbed as well. James knew that the Chancellor had an advantage, so he chose not to fight head-on.

“Damn it!” the Chancellor cursed.

He never expected James to resist his attack and escape alive.

The Chancellor charged toward James.

James, meanwhile, continued to retreat and stayed a certain distance away from his pursuer. Soon, they were far away from the battlefield.

Meanwhile, there was still a fierce battle going on.

Now that one of the Twelve Furies had been annihilated, only eleven remained, fighting tooth and nail for their survival. Even though they were Grand Emperors, they gradually lost ground and suffered injuries after being relentlessly attacked by millions of attackers. However, as they were Grand Emperors, none could completely annihilate them without possessing overwhelming strength. Without the Nine Heavens God-Annihilating Formation, no one could accomplish such a feat.

At that moment, James continued to flee. After obtaining Emperor Jabari’s strength, he was now at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. After his Demonic Lotus power was activated by Emperor Jabari’s power, his physical strength was now at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. His strength was terrifying, and his speed was extraordinary.

He traversed the void and continued to flee, while the Chancellor was close on his heels. As he pursued James, he kept launching attack after attack. Each of the attacks had unbelievable destructive capabilities, and as such, this world was slowly being destroyed.

James had no intention of fighting the Chancellor whatsoever. Now, he kept fleeing while catalyzing the Jade Seal at the same time to frantically absorb the Curse Power of this world and that of the Chancellor.

Though the Chancellor practiced Curse Magic and could control Curse Power, the Curse Power inside his body kept being depleted and absorbed. He knew that death awaited him if this continued. As such, he had to kill James as soon as possible.

However, along the way, he could not manage to launch a single attack on James. This made him livid.

In a desolated area of the Cursed World…


The void was being torn apart.

A man walked out of the void. On his head was a black Jade Seal, and he was surrounded by 108 Infinity Steles.

It was James who made his escape here.

Immediately, the Chancellor appeared as well.

Terrifying power shredded through the air.


The power struck the region where James was. However, James managed to dodge in time.

The region was completely destroyed.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The Chancellor’s expression was livid. Standing in mid-air, he made a few hand gestures, and black characters materialized before spreading out into this space.

At that moment, the space was sealed.

James tried to flee through the void but realized that space has been fortified. Even with his full force, he could not tear open the void.

The Chancellor charged toward him.


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