The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3015

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3015-The Celestial Abode could continuously absorb the power of the outside world and store them away. As such, cultivating in the Celestial Abode was many times more effective than the outside world.

As a great amount of Empyrean Spiritual Energy entered his pores, they were refined by the Elemental Inversion Formation and transformed into the purest of all energies. James’ power increased little by little.

Cultivation was dull and boring. As such, throughout the cultivation process, James researched the mysterious black characters inside his body. These characters were formed by the Curse Power that was absorbed and suppressed by the Jade Seal.

In the blink of an eye, ten years passed in the Time Formation. Over the past ten years, James’ power grew increasingly stronger. After researching the black characters for ten years, however, he still could not figure out their meaning. He only knew that Curse Power would increase drastically when Curse Magic was performed with the assistance of these black characters. However, he did not have a clear understanding of Curse Magic. Even now, he had only learned Confinement and Reincarnation. As for the latter, he was only at the elementary stage. True Curse Magic was all-encompassing, and as such, it would be impossible to completely gain insight into them. Since James could not figure out the meaning of these black characters, he gave up.

Now, he began gaining insight into sword techniques. He had now reached the pinnacle of the First Swordsmanship, in which he merged thousands upon thousands of Sword Moves. He learned these Sword Moves during his battle against the Heavenly Path Embodiments on Planet Galileo.

However, he only learned the Sword Moves. What the Heavenly Path Embodiments performed were some of the most terrifying swordsmanships. They included five realms: Sword Moves, Sword Shadow, Sword Will, Sword Intent, and Consolidation. When all five Sword Realms merged, a complete sword technique was formed.

Back then, James’ rank was low. As such, he could only separate the Five Sword Realms and learn only the Sword Move. Now, his rank was high enough for him to gain insight into Sword Shadow, Sword Will, and Sword Intent. He began trying to gain insight into the Sword Intent contained in these unparalleled sword techniques.

The moment he began gaining insight into swordsmanship, the Yogacara Sword Energy inside his body became active. At that moment, thousands upon thousands of Sword Moves surfaced in James’ mind. Then, the Yogacara Sword Energy gushed into his mind and devoured all the Sword Moves, forming a single Move.

As countless Sword Moves merged into one, a shadow appeared. This shadow was ever-changing, and in an instant, thousands of changes occurred. Gorgeous and impeccable Sword Moves played out in James’ mind as he repeatedly separated Sword Moves and gained insight into the Intent of the sword.

Suddenly, he found himself standing on the surface of a sea. The waves were calm, and at that moment, a Sword Energy appeared. The Sword Energy’s appearance carried immense power. Immediately, a tsunami hundreds of meters high crashed into James. Each time the waves smashed against him, he could feel the presence of the Sword Intent.

The Sword Intent was like ferocious waves.

Then, in the blink of an eye, the scenery before him changed once more. James was now in a sea of fire, surrounded by fiery flames. Each flame contained terrifying Sword Intent.

James was immersed in the insight of the Sword Intent. Each sword technique he learned had a Sword Intent of its own.

Sword Intent was the volition, resolve, and willpower of the sword technique’s creator, containing the expressions and sentiments of men. Some were calm and exposed, while others carried fury and even destruction.

James learned each and every Sword Intent. However, this was not the swordsmanship James wanted. He wished to gain insight into these Sword Intents and create one of his own.


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