The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3018

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3018-The Elixir Realm was located in the core region of this galaxy.

There were other galaxies outside the Elixir Realm. To enter the Elixir Realm, one would first need to travel to the other galaxies and their core planets to borrow the intergalactic passageway.

The Saucer continued straight ahead.

Soon, they arrived at the galaxy where the Spiritual Realm was located.

Before them was a space station heavily guarded by powerful soldiers. All of them were armor-clad, and they wielded a long sword. Their aura was intimidating, and even the weakest were at least at the Divine Rank.

Upon seeing so many Divine Rank soldiers in one place, James knew just how weak he was. He was nothing but an insignificant creature at his rank.

James’ Saucer was intercepted, and he and Yevpraksiya got off the Saucer. A man wearing golden armor and wielding a sword walked toward them. He was the general guarding the Holy Realm.

There were many space stations outside the eight galaxies of the Holy Realm, and each of them was guarded by millions of powerful soldiers. Meanwhile, there was a general in each space station.

As the general glanced at James, he immediately knew his cultivation base. With a scornful look on his face, he said, “Insignificant creatures are forbidden from approaching the Holy Realm. You should leave at once.”

James immediately took out the token given by the Lord of the Stardust Realm.

“I’m here for the discipleship examination of the Elixir Pavilion.”

Upon seeing that the token was indeed issued by the Elixir Pavilion, the general’s attitude had a one-eighty. As he returned the token to James, he smiled and said, “So you’re an alchemist. The Elixir Pavilion has instructed us to make way for alchemists who have this token in their possession. Please enter.”

The general beckoned.

James put away the token with a bright smile on his face. He never thought that the Elixir Pavilion’s token would be so effective.

He put away the Saucer and passed through the space station alongside Yevpraksiya. Then, they entered the sphere of influence of the Spiritual Realm. Soon, they arrived at their destination.

The Spiritual Realm was one of the Eight Core Worlds of the Holy Realm. This world was advanced, and the Spiritual Energy here was at least at Primordial Energies.

Upon arriving at the Spiritual Realm, James could sense an immense Primordial Energy in the air. Through the Primordial Energy’s stimulation, his pores opened up, and the Primordial Energy entered and circulated throughout his body. It felt comfortable.

“As expected of the Holy Realm.”

James opened his arms wide and breathed in the immense Primordial Energy, exclaiming, “The Primordial Energy here is unbelievable. No wonder the living beings of the outside world go to great lengths to come here.”

Yevpraksiya had never been to the Holy Realm. As someone who lived in such a small world as the Stardust Realm, the Holy Realm was simply a legend to her. Now that she was here, she could not help but look around at her surroundings with inquisitive eyes.

As the Spiritual Realm was an advanced world, not to mention that there was an abundance of Primordial Energy, the space here was rather stable.

“Where are we heading next, Mr. Caden? Do we remain here in the Spiritual Realm for a while or do we go straight to the Elixir Realm and wait for the discipleship examination to commence?”

Since there were 2000 more years before the examination, James still had ample time.

He thought about it and said, “Let’s not rush things.”

Since he had ample time, he began asking Emperor Jabari who was inside the Celestial Abode.

“Emperor Jabari, I have nothing to do now. Could you scry whether there’s any material that you need for your resurrection in the vicinity of the Spiritual Realm?”

Emperor Jabari’s resurrection had been on James’ mind all this while. Though he had 100,000 years to search for them, he nevertheless wished to find the materials needed as soon as possible.

Emperor Jabari had once reached the peak of the Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven and was infinitely close to becoming an Ancestral God. Since even Sophie, a Quasi-Emperor at the Ninth Tribulation, was well-versed in the Extrapolation Path, surely Emperor Jabari could do so as well.

“Sure,” Emperor Jabari’s voice came.


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