The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3031

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3031-With a troubled look on his face, Wollongong said, “I really don’t know.”

James took out the elixir given by Emperor Jabari, handed it to him, and said, “I know you were injured at Mount Baidi, and that the injuries were severe. If you don’t treat them, you might die.

“This is a healing elixir. It can heal your injuries.”

Wollongong accepted it curiously. He opened the bottle. There was a golden pill the size of a grape. Some mystical inscriptions were depicted on it. The inscriptions were flowing around. It was enigmatic.

Jules was a Divine Rank alchemist. At first glance, he recognized the worth of this elixir.

“An E-Emperor Rank Elixir.”

He could not help but take a deep breath.

‘As expected of Mr. Caden, he pulled out an Emperor Rank elixir so readily.’

Wollongong sensed the mystical power of the elixir in his hand as well. This elixir definitely could heal his injuries. Regardless, he could not tell anyone about Mount Baidi’s secret.

He gave back the elixir.

“Sir, I’m not injured. Besides, I really don’t know anything about Mount Baidi.”

James glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “Is there a secret on Mount Baidi that’s worthy of your discretion? In any case, I’m going to Mount Baidi just to look for a herb. I’m not interested in whatever secrets this Mount Baidi holds.”

“Indeed,” Jules said promptly and echoed with a smile, “Mr. Caden has reached a level where nothing can pique his interest anymore.”

After saying that, he looked at Wollongong.

“Wollongong, you’d better confess everything you know. You don’t know how impressive Mr. Caden is. When up against him, even extremely powerful individuals at Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven could only take hits until they fled.”

When he heard that, Wollongong was secretly astonished.

The Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven? This rank was definitely a myth.

After reaching the Grand Emperor Rank, one would be at the top of the pyramid. Moreover, it was very challenging for those at the Grand Emperor Rank to make any further breakthroughs. Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven seemed to have never before appeared in this world’s history.

According to ancient scrolls, the highest rank prominent figures in history had reached was only the Grand Emperor Rank’s Eighth Heaven.

He was secretly astounded, but he did not show it. He had a troubled expression on his face. “Sir, I really don’t know.”

When he heard this, Jules was a little mad.

Why did Wollongong not get it?

James was also troubled.

Jules noticed James furrowing his brow and knew right away that James was displeased.

He immediately stepped forward, pulled out a token, and pointed it in the direction of Wollongong.

“Wollongong, I command you to disclose Mount Baidi’s location right now.”

As soon as Wollongong saw the token, he was taken aback.

“The martial community token?”

Numerous years ago, the Boundless Realm hosted a grand event, and countless prominent figures participated.

The grand event was a tournament. Whoever rose above the rest could become the leader of the Holy Realm.

During that grand event, with strength at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Eighth Heaven, a prominent figure from Elixir Pavilion crushed everyone else and became the best in the world. A martial community token was also created. Seeing the token was like seeing the Great Grandmaster.

When facing the martial community token, Wollongong dared not be dismissive.

He immediately bowed. “Great Grandmaster.”

Grasberg was no exception. With a respectful expression on his face, he greeted, “Great Grandmaster.”

Jules was holding the martial community token. Who dared to defy him once he showed the token?

Anyone who defied him would be taking a stand against the Great Grandmaster.

Wollongong, as a Grand Emperor, had shown sufficient deference in the presence of the martial community token.

However, he absolutely could not disclose anything about Mount Baidi. He could not tell them, even if that senior of the Elixir Pavilion who had gone into seclusion appeared.


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