The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3036

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3036-Wollongong extended his trembling hands and accepted the elixir.

He had visited Mount Baidi several times for this family secret. However, he was injured each time. This time, his injuries were more severe. Even as a Grand Emperor, he was unable to heal the injuries in his body.

At a critical moment, James appeared.

Originally, he did not want to reveal the secret, but after weighing the pros and cons, he decided to reveal it.

Once he accepted the elixir, he did not consume it immediately.

James looked at Wollongong and asked, “You can reveal it now, right?”

Wollongong glanced at Yevpraksiya, who was behind James.

James said nonchalantly, “She’s one of our own. It’s alright. Speak freely.”

Wollongong sat down nearby and started to get lost in his thoughts. After a while, he finally said, “Mount Baidi is on a barren planet near Ethos Realm. This planet was very prosperous during the Primeval Age. However, time has rendered this planet obsolete. At this point, no living beings visit this planet.”

James was listening intently.

Jules was also close by. He was also curious about what kind of place this Mount Baidi was exactly and why it had taken so much effort for Wollongong to finally disclose it.

Wollongong continued, “In the Primeval Age, there was a powerful sect. This sect was named the Divine Shadow Sect. The Sect Leader of the Divine Shadow Sect was a being at the peak of Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, drawing close to the Ancestral God Rank indefinitely.

“However, a disaster swept through. This disaster caused the destruction of the entire world. At this critical time, this region, where the Boundless Realm is located, was sealed off. Though that was the case, the Divine Shadow Sect was also destroyed.

“The ancestor of the Trinity family was once a core disciple of the Divine Shadow Sect. That year, everyone in the Divine Shadow Sect died. Only my ancestor survived.

“My ancestor left a message that within the ruins of Divine Shadow Sect, there is an invincible signature skill, as well as an invincible weapon. This invincible signature skill can break through the extreme and reach the Ancestral God Rank.”

James listened intently.

During the Primeval Age, a world-shattering major event occurred, causing the entire era to perish.

James had a general understanding of the event during the Primeval Age. It was the incident in which human Ancestral Gods united to oppose the Heavenly Path. However, it was a failure. As a result, the entire epoch of the Primeval Age perished.

The Boundless Realm, on the other hand, had been sealed away before the world was destroyed. This era did not experience a gap in history. This era retained some remnants of the Primeval Age.

Wollongong went on, “Back then, before the Sect Leader of the Divine Shadow Sect died, they laid out a Superformation that encircled the entire Divine Shadow Sect. Mount Baidi is the ruins of the Divine Shadow Sect. On the outskirt of Mount Baidi, there is a powerful formation. Moreover, outside the formation, there is a beast standing guard.”

Wollongong revealed everything about Mount Baidi.

Once he listened to him, Jules finally understood. It made sense why Wollongong was unwilling to reveal it. It turned out to be linked to a massive boon. Even if it were someone else, they would not readily divulge it either.

After talking about everything, Wollongong felt much lighter.

“For generations, the Trinity family has guarded this secret in the hopes of one day breaking the formation, entering the ruins of the Divine Shadow Sect, and acquiring the superior inheritance. However, a long time has passed, and the Trinity family is still unable to decipher the formation.

“Perhaps this is fate. Even if my family has this secret, we are unable to obtain this fortune.”

James asked, “Which planet is Mount Baidi located on specifically?”

Wollongong took out a celestial map.

He pointed at a planet that appeared to be yellow and said, “This is it.”

As he said this, he handed over the map.

James took it and looked at it while holding it. After memorizing which planet it was, he stood up, bowed, and said, “Thank you for your information.”


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