The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3037

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3037-After he finished speaking, he turned around to leave.

Jules immediately stood up and said in a hurry, “Mr. Caden, you’re going right now?”


James nodded.

Jules’ eyes shifted around.

The inheritance from the Primeval Age was definitely something great, even though he might not get it. However, if he followed James there, even if he did not get anything significant, he would at least get some perks.

Wollongong had some other ideas as well. He also stood up and said, “Mr. Caden, it’s fine not to hurry these few days. How about this? Stay for a few days at the World Pavilion first. After a few days, I’ll arrange for a disciple of my sect to take you there. What do you think?”

How could James not be aware of what Wollongong was thinking?

After giving it some thought, he said, “Sure.”

He stayed at the World Pavilion for the time being.

Wollongong turned around and left after greeting James briefly.

After he left, he immediately summoned Monica, the sect’s Grand Priestess.

On the main peak, there was a hidden room. This hidden room held nothing. There was only a straw mat on the ground. Wollongong sat in a lotus position on the straw mat. Monica walked over with a respectful expression on her face and said, “Master, did you call me for something?”

Wollongong glanced at Monica, who was standing at a side, and said, “Yes, there is something.”

After that, he told her about Mount Baidi.

“A major sect’s inheritance from the Primeval Age is hidden in Mount Baidi. There are numerous Supernatural Powers and signature skills. There is also an invincible weapon. I’ve already told James about this secret.”

“In a few days, James will travel to Mount Baidi. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to kill the beast outside Mount Baidi or break the formation.

“However, he should give it a try. I intend to send you to go with James.”

Monica was listening intently. When she listened up until this point, she could not help but ask, “Master, do you want me to steal the boons and inheritance from James? If he truly is as powerful as Jules said, how will I be able to do that?”

Wollongong’s expression was solemn as well. He said, “I really can’t tell what is the rank of his cultivation base. However, Jules couldn’t have lied. If he has actually reached that level, he won’t be interested in these boons and opportunities.”

If James had truly attained the level Jules had claimed, he would not be interested in these boons. In that case, the inheritance left by the Divine Shadow Sect was very likely to be obtained if he sent Monica.

On the other hand, if James was interested in these and was going there for them, he might be in danger if he followed. Thus, he intended to send Monica.

After instructing Monica, Wollongong waved his hand slightly and said, “Alright. You may leave.”

“Yes, Master.”

Wollongong addressed him with respect, then turned around and left.

A moment after she left, the Great Elder, Grasberg, walked in.

“Master,” Grasberg called out.

“Mhm.” Wollongong nodded softly and said, “James will leave the World Pavilion for Mount Baidi after a few days. Follow him in the shadows. See if you can seize the boons. If you can’t, don’t bother. If you can, you must seize the boons.”


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