The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3042

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3042-The monster guarding the place was a Divine Cow with corrupted blood.

He had guarded the place for a long time.

He had not even reached the Grand Emperor rank when he first arrived. Fortuitously, he discovered a miraculous Emperor Rank Herb hidden within Mount Baidi’s Formation.

However, around the mountain was a formation.

The reason he guarded the place was in order to break the formation.

A long time had passed since he first arrived, and he had already become a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven. Yet, he was still unable to break the formation.

Unfortunately, humans had trespassed into the area.

The Divine Cow transformed into his human form. He hovered in the air and looked at James who seemed terrifyingly strong. The Divine Cow’s face darkened and his expression contorted into a hostile snarl.


After the Divine Cow cried out, his body flickered. He suddenly appeared before James. Clenching his fist, he swung a mighty punch at James.

His attack contained immense destructive strength.

However, James did not respond fearfully.

Emperor Jabari’s energy had triggered the strength in his body, and his hidden power had been unleashed. At that moment, his physical strength was comparable to a Grand Emperor’s at the Fifth Heaven.

He raised his hand and blocked the powerful punch.

Their fists smashed into each other.


Two unstoppable forces collided, and a void materialized at the point of impact. The void continued to enlarge and rapidly spread across the sky.

Even though they were within an advanced world with a stable space, their strength happened to shatter the space around them.

As the space split open, the Divine Cow was sent flying by the force.

The Divine Cow was a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven, but there was an obvious disparity between his and James’ strength. He was not able to withstand James’ might.

After James repelled the attack, he took the opportunity to further suppress his opponent.

In the distance, Monica watched the fight in disbelief.

James displayed fearsome strength.

The force of their attack was palpable. Despite standing away from them, Monica could sense the horrifying aftershock sweeping toward them. If the attack had struck her, she would have been killed instantly.

The Divine Cow immediately understood the extent of James’ strength after they exchanged moves.

While retreating, the Divine Cow was furious. ‘Damn it.’

As a Grand Emperor at the Fourth Heaven, he could sense that James had not activated any of his Path Energy and was only using his physical strength. How strong must his cultivation rank be if his physical strength had reached such a terrifying level?

The Divine Cow could not fathom James’ true strength.

While he was preoccupied with his own thoughts, James had already charged toward him.

James’ physical strength was nothing short of disturbing. He had maximized his speed and instantly appeared in front of the Divine Cow. James clenched his fist and swung it at the Divine Cow.

Suddenly, mysterious inscriptions appeared around his opponent.

The inscriptions fused and formed a shield.

The Divine Cow had activated his Path to resist James’ attack.

James still did not have a proper understanding of Paths and had not fully mastered it. He smashed his fist into the inscriptions without any hesitation.

His powerful punch crashed into the shield formed by the inscriptions.


Cracks formed on the shield, and it immediately shattered.

The Divine Cow was knocked away by the resultant force.

James was clueless about Paths, but he knew his potent physical strength was just as strong as any Path.

“Any Path will crumble to absolute strength. I can break through anything using my strength.”

James’ voice resounded.

The Divine Cow spat angrily. “Damn it!”


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