The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3047

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3047-Moreover, James had the Three-Thousand Cultivation Arts created by the Lord of the Ancient Heavenly Court.

He was satisfied with possessing these signature skills.

Therefore, the boons in this area were of no interest to him.

James waved his hand and said, “Go ahead. Whatever you find is yours to keep.”

Monica replied excitedly, “Thank you, Mr. Caden!”

Immediately after, she left and began to search for boons around the area.

“I’ll also have a look around, Mr. Caden.”

Jules did not stay idle either. After informing James, he also quickly left to search the area for treasure.

James sat at the entrance of a hall on the mountain’s peak.

Countless years ago, this place used to be the base of a powerful sect. However, it currently lay deserted. Although many of the Divine Shadow Sect’s buildings were still intact, the place was shrouded in silence.

James looked at mountains full of Primordial Energy in the distance.

He could not help but feel overcome with sorrow.

What was immortality?

Was there anything truly everlasting?

Even powerful Ancestral Gods were eventually defeated and could not escape death.

Nico sat beside James and transformed into his human form. He had a wild appearance, tanned skin, and a thick black beard.

He glanced at James and said, “I really didn’t expect things to turn out like this. I spent countless Epochs trying to break the formation but never succeeded. Yet, you managed to undo it in just a few years.”

Nico noticed a hint of sadness on James’ face and could not help asking, “What are you thinking about?

“It’s nothing.” James composed himself and lightly shook his head.

Nico said, “I’ll stay true to my word. I’ll follow you from today onward and serve you for a hundred thousand years.”

Hearing this, James smiled lightly.

He was pleased to have a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor by his side. Moreover, Nico would evolve again and enter the Fifth Heaven after consuming the Aquacollis. He would definitely be one of the most potent powerhouses in the Boundless Realm.

With such a strong subordinate by his side, he had nothing to worry about.

His next move was to focus on finding the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

At that moment, a cloud of black mist appeared in the distance.

James and Nico stood up in unison and looked at the approaching mist.

The black mist closed in rapidly and immediately appeared above the ruins of the Divine Shadow Sect. It slowly dissipated, revealing a giant airship.

An old man stood on the deck of the airship. Behind him were a few men in black.

As soon as the chancellor appeared, he noticed James standing below.

After seeing James, his expression immediately changed. He frantically issued an order. “Run, let’s go! We need to escape this planet immediately!”

Suddenly, the airship sped off.

As the airship turned around, James saw the chancellor. He was the mysterious man involved with the Cursed World that James had defeated. Unfortunately, the airship had already disappeared by the time James recognized him.

Nico looked at James confusedly and asked, “What just happened?”

James said, “I saw him somewhere else previously and defeated him. I wasn’t expecting to see him here again. Nico, chase after the airship and try to capture a few of their men.”

James did not know why the chancellor had shown up. However, James knew he was surely up to no good.


Nico nodded and disappeared in a flash.

At that moment, the airship had already traveled through space and left the planet.

On the airship, the accompanying elder looked at the pale chancellor and asked, “What’s the matter, Chancellor? Why are we leaving so suddenly?”

The chancellor had not recovered from the earlier fright, and sweat beaded his forehead. He raised his hand and wiped away the sweat.

“I failed my previous mission because I encountered a certain powerhouse. That powerhouse was right there. I couldn’t defeat him even when I absorbed Curse Power and raised my strength to a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor. I’m but an ant to him currently.”

Recalling his battle with James, the chancellor felt shivers down his spine.

“Since James was there, we’ve no choice but to give up on this planet. We’ll search for another planet to carry out our plan.”

“Did you think you could leave so easily?” A menacing voice remarked.

Then, an invincible pressure swept toward the airship and sealed the surrounding space, trapping the airship in the starry universe.


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