The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3050

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3050-Jimmu immediately panicked upon hearing Nico’s suggestion to kill him.

He looked at James and said pleadingly, “No, please don’t kill me. Keep me with you. I might be useful to you in the future. Don’t you want to know more about the Sanctuary of Darkness? I’ll infiltrate the Sanctuary of Darkness as a spy and acquire information for you.”

Everyone was afraid of death.

Jimmu was a Grand Emperor who took several Epochs to attain this rank. He did not want his life to end so pitifully.

Although he was not afraid of death, he did not want to die just yet.

James looked at Jimmu and pondered briefly.

After a small pause, James said, “Let him go.”

Nico asked puzzledly, “You’re going to let him go? Are you sure about that, Mr. Caden? Do you really trust him? If we let him back to the Sanctuary of Darkness, we might never even find him again.”

Jimmu immediately swore his loyalty. “That won’t happen! I promise! I can swear an oath to you right now!”

Then, he immediately took a vow, “I, Jimmu Melqart, swear in the name of the Heavenly Path that I will never betray…”

He abruptly paused and looked at James, asking, “M-May I ask for your name?”

James replied calmly, “James Caden.”

Jimmu started over again. “I, Jimmu Melqart, swear in the name of the Heavenly Path that I will never betray James Caden and will help him acquire information from the Sanctuary of Darkness. If I fail to stay loyal, I shall be erased from existence!”

Right after Jimmu swore an oath in the name of the Heavenly Path, James immediately sensed a slight connection between him and Jimmu.

He knew the oath in the name of the Heavenly Path had taken place.

Now that he was bound by the oath, it was impossible for Jimmu to betray James. He would have to keep to his oath and help James investigate the Sanctuary of Darkness.

Jimmu looked at James eagerly and asked, “Will you let me go now?”

James looked at Nico and said, “Unseal him.”

Receiving the order, Nico immediately dissolved the seal on Jimmu.

Jimmu did not dare to stay any longer and quickly left.

Making an oath in the name of the Heavenly Path at his cultivation rank meant he could never turn back on his word.

Moreover, a connection was formed between him and James. Thus, James could easily sense wherever Jimmu was in the Sanctuary of Darkness whenever he liked.

Meanwhile, Nico was behind on outside affairs since he had stayed around the formation for several Epochs. Unsure of the Sanctuary of Darkness they were speaking about, he could not help but ask, “What exactly is this Sanctuary of Darkness, Mr. Caden?”

James shook his head lightly and said, “I’m not sure either. I only know that it’s a wicked organization. They have strong members and are proficient in Curse Magic.”

Nico knew about Curse Magic.

Since he was a powerful Grand Emperor, it was only natural that he had heard of it before.

Curse Magic was an extraordinary Secret Art passed down from the Primeval Age.

It was a dreadful and evil existence.

However, he only knew of them from records in ancient books.

Nico looked at James suspiciously and asked, “Do you also know how to use Curse Magic?”

James replied honestly. “I don’t.”

A puzzled expression formed on Nico’s face. “Then what about the inscriptions you summoned earlier?”

His question was met with silence.

Nico was merely a follower, so there was no need to explain to him.

Seeing that James refused to elaborate, Nico did not pry further.

James continued to wait where he stood.

Meanwhile, Jules and Monica were still searching the area for boons.

James waited a few days for them to return.

Eventually, Jules and Monica reunited with him.


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