The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3056

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3056-Silvester Daniela was the Old Master of the Elixir Pavilion.

His existence was like that of an overlord in the Boundless Realm.

Silvester single-handedly established and developed the Elixir Pavilion into the most powerful force in the Boundless Realm.

Countless years ago, Silvester was a Grand Emperor at the Seventh Heaven. Many Epochs passed since his cultivation was last known, and his current rank was a mystery.

The biggest obstacle to the Elixir Pavillion’s destruction was Silvester.

As long as Silvester was subdued, the current Pavilion Master, Helvius Daniela, would not be a huge threat.

“When should I take action, Master?”

The woman in the purple dress had a solemn expression.

She was a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Rank and the strongest Elixir Pavilion Official. She had joined the Elixir Pavilion for several Epochs and waited patiently for this day.

The woman’s name was Jadranka Yevdokiya. She was initially a rogue cultivator but had been fortunate enough to obtain countless boons. With those, she climbed to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven.

The black shadow said, “You’ll need to look for an opening. It’ll be fine if you hurt him before the disciple recruitment conference. Remember to be careful. Silvester is not an easy opponent. It’s going to be hard to get close enough to him to deal him damage.”

“Alright. I understand.” Jadranka nodded.

The black shadow slowly disappeared from her sight.

Jadranka’s expression darkened afterward.

She had infiltrated the Elixir Pavilion for several Epochs and had a clear understanding of its inner workings.

Silvester had been in the Elixir Pavilion all this time. He was in seclusion somewhere in Sky City above the main mountain. The place Silverster stayed was a forbidden area, and no one was permitted to enter. It would be tough for her to penetrate its security.

“What should I do?” Jadranka fell into thought.

She began devising plans to get close to Silvester to injure and subdue him when his guard was down.

The Sanctuary of Darkness had been making arrangements to destroy the Elixir Pavilion during the disciple recruitment conference.

Meanwhile, James had entered the Elixir Realm with Jules leading the way.

The Elixir Realm was the strongest world within the Sacred Realm.

“We’ve arrived in the Elixir Realm, Mr. Caden.”

Jules said with a smile, “The Elixir Pavilion was established in the Elixir Realm, and it’s already been more than three thousand Epochs since its creation.”

“More than three thousand Epochs?”

James glanced at Jules.

He knew that an Epoch was the lifespan of a Sacred Blossom, from its first bloom to the moment it withered, which took about 4.9 billion years.

James fell into deep thought. He had no idea how many Epochs had passed since the Primeval Age.

Jules replied, “Yeah. My grandfather was an alchemist who created the Elixir Pavilion over three thousand Epochs ago. After endless toil, he finally made it the strongest force in the Boundless Realm.”

Hearing this, James gained a rough idea of the situation.

This Elixir Pavilion was not the one he was looking for.

His target had existed since the Primeval Age and served to guard the Ancestral God Rank Elixir.

James felt like this was a waste of his time.

Since this Elixir Pavilion ended up being the wrong one, where was the right one?

He advanced while occupied with his thoughts.

Suddenly, he recalled what Xandros had said to him.

Xandros mentioned that as long as Exalter and Crucifier were fused to form the Time Capsule, the powerhouse protecting the Ancestral God Rank Elixir in the Elixir Pavilion would immediately know his purpose.


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