The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3058

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3058-While Jules was leading James into the city, a woman climbed the stairs behind them.

She wore a long purple gown and was dashing up as fast as she could. She eventually appeared at the gate of Sky City.

When she arrived outside the city, Jules noticed her and immediately turned around. His face lit up, and he shouted, “Ma’am! Have you come out of seclusion?”

The woman was Jadranka.

She received an order from the Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master to weaken the Elixir Pavilion’s Old Master, Silvester.

Jadranka was a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor. Additionally, she was the teacher of the Elixir Pavilion’s Young Master. Jules learned all that he knew from her.

She glanced at Jules and nodded slightly. “Yes, I have.”

“It’s rare for you to come to Sky City. Coincidentally, I’ve just returned myself. Let me introduce both of you. This is Mr. Caden.”

Jules began introducing the two to each other.

“Mr. Caden, this is my teacher, Jadranka. She’s the strongest Official in the Elixir Pavilion. She’s currently a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven, and her status in the Elixir Pavilion is comparable to that of the Pavilion Master.”

Hearing that the woman was a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven, James gave her a cursory glance. She had a stunning figure and an attractive face. Her looks were beautiful but she did not exude a remarkable aura.

In terms of beauty, she was slightly inferior when compared to Monica.

Jadranka looked at James and frowned upon sensing his cultivation rank.

“What are you doing, Jules? How many times have I told you not to associate with second-rate people? Look at the simpleton you’ve brought here.”

After discerning James’ cultivation rank, Jadranka immediately reprimanded Jules.

“No, Ma’am. Let me explain…”

Jadranka refused to listen and said, “I still have other affairs to settle.”

After Jadranka finished speaking, she turned and walked towards Sky City.

Jules looked at James awkwardly and said, “My teacher has quite a temper, but she’s actually a nice person.”

James did not take her words to heart since his cultivation rank was truly unimpressive.

“Mr. Caden, this way, please.”

Jules made a welcoming gesture.

Sky City was massive and prosperous. Only disciples and Officials of the Elixir Pavilion were permitted to enter the city.

Crowds bustled through its streets.

Jules led James to the city’s central region. There was a vast manor situated in the center. On the gate was a massive plaque with the words Elixir Residence engraved on it.

“Welcome to my humble abode, Mr. Caden.”

Jules introduced the place with a smile, pushed open the gate, and walked inside.

James and Monica also walked into the manor.

“Young Master.”

A few servants immediately greeted Jules as soon as they entered the manor.

Jules was already accustomed to their courteous etiquette.

At that moment, an old man walked out of the house. He looked very elderly and had a white beard. He also wore a grey robe and held onto a black cane.

Seeing the old man, Jules addressed him respectfully. “Great Elder.”

Then, he introduced James to him, “Great Elder, this is Mr.Caden.”

“Mr. Caden, this is Elixir Pavilion’s Great Elder.”

The two exchanged glances with each other.

The Great Elder intuited James’ low cultivation rank. He frowned at Jules and said disapprovingly, “Young Master, you’re the future leader of the Elixir Pavilion. You should be more cautious with who you befriend. Our conference will be held soon, so please don’t bring strange people with you.”

Jules panicked and quickly explained, “Great Elder, Mr. Caden isn’t just anybody. He’s a very powerful man and is definitely one of the strongest in the Boundless Realm. I brought him here because I wanted him to be a judge for the conference.”

“That’s ludicrous!”

The Great Elder immediately rebuffed his suggestion.

If news spread that the Elixir Pavilion invited a cultivator at the Sage Rank to judge their conference, they would become the Boundless Realm’s laughing stock.


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