The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3062

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3062-When one reached the Divine Rank, an Ousia would form in one’s body.

This Ousia would change into a Path Seal upon reaching the Grand Emperor Rank.

Silvester was one of the strongest people in the Boundless Realm.

He was a Grand Emperor at the Seventh Heaven.

However, he did not spend much effort in training his physical body. Thus, his physical strength was much weaker than his cultivation rank. When Helvius attacked at full force, it immediately shattered his Path Seal.

Under normal circumstances, the shattering of one’s Path Seal meant immediate death.

However, powerful cultivators could use their energy to stabilize and protect their Path Seals from being shattered.

Enraged, Silvester also struck Helvius in the chest. His devastating force spread through Helvius’s body and destroyed his Path Seal.

Two powerful cultivators were effortlessly incapacitated.

After Helvius was wounded, traces of black energy emerged from his body and vanished into the air.

Helvius immediately regained consciousness.

The first thing he felt was extreme discomfort. He was a powerhouse and was able to immediately sense that his Path Seal had been shattered. The path he cultivated had been destroyed.

His ability to fight was effectively crippled.

“What happened?”

Helvius was confused.

Seeing Silvester on the ground nearby coughing up blood, he quickly got up and rushed to him.

“Old Master! What’s wrong, Old Master?!”

Silvester got up from the ground and called upon his energy to stabilize his shattered Path Seal.

“Old Master, I don’t know anything. What happened?”

Helvius quickly explained his circumstances. “Just now, I suddenly lost consciousness.”

After Silvester calmed down, he took a deep breath.

He was caught up in the moment and acted rashly. After calming down, he sensed the remaining Curse Power in Helvius’s body.

“Before you came here, did you come into contact with any powerful people?” asked Silvester.

Helvius replied, “I haven’t contacted any other powerhouses. I’ve only stayed within Sky City recently. The only people I met up with are members of the Elixir Pavilion.”

“What about the Official you mentioned just now?” asked Silvester.

With Sylvester’s prodding, Helvius immediately grasped what had happened. He asked, “Old Master, are you suggesting that she planned this?”

Silvester’s face bore a stern grimace. He nodded slowly and said, “She’s most likely responsible for this incident. The Sanctuary of Darkness might be acting up again. Could their goal be to wipe out the Elixir Pavilion?”

Silvester immediately regretted his actions.

He was taken by surprise when he was ambushed and immediately retaliated against Helvius. If he had not done so, they would not have to fear the Sanctuary of Darkness since Helvius was in his prime.

However, both of them were now injured.

What would happen if the Sanctuary of Darkness chose this moment to attack?

Helvius was anxious. He had a strong premonition that something terrible would happen but could not sense what it would be. Now, everything was clear to him.

He spat lividly. “Damn it!”

“I didn’t suspect Jadranka to be one of the Sanctuary of Darkness’ lackeys. She had been laying low in the Elixir Pavilion for several Epochs and waiting for this day.”

Silvester sighed. “I never expected Curse Magic to be so terrifying. They were able to inconspicuously take control of you.”

“What should we do, Old Master?” Helvius was worried.

The Elixir Pavilion’s conference was upon them soon. The conference’s purpose was to recruit disciples and also expand Elixir Pavilion’s influence.

“Don’t panic,” Silvester reassured him.

“Although my Path Seal is damaged, it’s not fatal. I’ll go into seclusion immediately and try to restore it before the Sanctuary of Darkness strikes again.

“During this period, you must pretend that nothing has happened. We must avoid inciting panic.”

Silvester quickly made arrangements.

“Also, send people to quickly apprehend the Official you just mentioned. Don’t let her leave the Elixir Pavilion.”

Helvius immediately stood up. “Understood!”


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