The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3071

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3071-“The Tribulation Liquid has many uses. It can be used to temper one’s body and repair Primordial Spirits. In short, it’s handy. The starting price is one unopened Path Stone.”

“I’ll bid two Path Stones.”

“Three Path Stones!”

Following Yulia’s introduction, a few powerhouses began to bid for it.

James remained patient and asked Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode, “You’ve got a lot of experience, right, Emperor Jabari? How much is the Tribulation Liquid worth?”

Emperor Jabari replied, “For those who need it, it’s priceless and is worth one’s life savings.

“However, it’s useless to those who don’t need it.”

Hearing this, James was slightly taken aback. He asked, “Then, how many Path Stones should I bid for it?”

Emperor Jabari said, “As much as you need. I’ve traveled all over the universe and ventured to countless ruins. I’ve collected a lot of Path Stones. Moreover, I’m an experienced alchemist and have also collected various herbs when I helped others refine elixirs.”

James immediately understood that the Celestial Abode had a great amount of Path Stones after hearing Emperor Jabari telling him to bid as much as needed.

The bidding continued in the auction hall. Those who needed the Tribulation Liquid were slowly increasing their bids. The atmosphere made it seem as if they were in a market, as it was incredibly noisy.

James knew it would take a long time if the bid went on at this rate.

He wanted to quickly buy the stuff he needed and leave as soon as possible.

James pressed the auction button on his table and said, “One thousand Path Stones.”

While bidders were shouting in the auction hall, one of the private rooms lit up, and a voice resounded in the hall.

“One thousand Path Stones.”

The noisy hall immediately fell silent.

The powerhouses in the auction hall raised their heads, looking toward the private room that had lit up.

Bidders in private rooms were prominent figures.

Being a powerful cultivator alone was not enough for one to be assigned to a private room.

One would have to be strong and also have a terrifying background.

“Forget it. I’m giving up.”

“A prominent figure made a bid for it. We’re not going to be able to compete.”

“Even if we want it, we won’t be able to win anyway. Who can compete with someone who’s bidding one thousand at once?”

Many powerhouses gave up on the bid.

Just as James thought he would win the bid, another private room opposite him lit up. A hoarse voice sounded from it.

“One thousand and one hundred Path Stones.”

Hearing the bid, many people in the auction hall looked at the other private room that lit up.


“Two prominent figures are bidding for it.”

“I wonder who they are.”

Many of them were curious about the two bidder’s identities.

James was troubled.

He had already raised the bid from a few hundred to one thousand, thinking no one would dare to compete with him. He never expected someone from another private room to also bid for it. Moreover, the other party had added another hundred Path Stones.

Unwilling to be outdone, James made another bid. “One thousand and two hundred.”

“One thousand and three hundred.”

The other party immediately followed.

“One thousand and four hundred.” James did not hesitate since he had no idea how valuable Path Stones were. All he knew was that Emperor Jabari needed the Tribulation Liquid.

“One thousand and five hundred.”

The other party was unwilling to back down either.

James continued to bid. “One thousand and six hundred.”

“Two thousand!”

The other party immediately raised the price by a significant margin.

His bid shocked everyone in the auction hall.

How could these bidders so rashly spend so much valuable Path Stones?

Who exactly were these two bidders?


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