The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3072

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3072-Everyone began speculating the bidders’ identities in the private rooms that were drastically increasing the bidding price for the Tribulation Liquid.

Unopened Path Stones were scarce and valuable items formed by heaven and earth’s energy. It was difficult even to obtain one, and a Grand Emperor might have life savings of only about one thousand Path Stones.

The two bidders in the private rooms competed for the Tribulation Liquid,

James never expected the other party to increase the bid to two thousand Path Stones so suddenly.

He was curious about the identity of the opposite party, but the private room had excellent isolation measurements. Thus, he could not see the person in the other private room.

However, to James, Path Stones were just some useless crystals. He had no idea how rare and valuable they were.

Thus, James did not hesitate to bid.

He pressed the button, and the light outside his room lit up again. Then, his voice resounded, “Three thousand!”

Hearing James’ bid, the other party hesitated.

The auction hall went dead silent for a while.

Who could compete with three thousand Path Stones?

Time passed by the minute.

Yulia also remained silent, waiting for the other party to continue with the bid.

Her family estimated for the Tribulation Liquid to be sold for about one thousand Path Stones at most. Unexpectedly, the bidding price had been raised to three thousand.

The price might continue to increase.

Seeing that a significant amount of time had passed since the last bid, Yulia immediately said, “Our honorable bidder in the private room has bid three thousand Path Stones. Is there a bid higher than three thousand?”

“Three thousand, once!

“Three thousand, twice!”

After calling out twice, Yulia paused for a moment.

“Three thousand and one!”

Finally, the other party made another bid.

However, he only increased the bid by one Path Stone.

James frowned. “He’s still competing for it? When will he give up?”

Frustrated, James bid, “Three thousand and one hundred!”

A hoarse voice sounded from the opposite private room, “Damn it! You better go overboard, Young Man! I’m the Spiritual Realm’s Lord! The Tribulation Liquid will be of great use to me.”

The other bidder revealed his identity.

He immediately caused an uproar in the auction hall.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be Spiritual Realm’s Lord.”

“Hasn’t the Spiritual Realm’s Lord been in seclusion for many years? He hasn’t shown himself for a long time. Why did he suddenly appear? Could it be that his Primordial Soul is injured?”

Many discussions began in the hall.

James knew about the Spiritual Realm.

It was one of the Eight Major Realms in the Boundless Realm.

The Boundless Holy Realm comprised these Eight Major Realms and dominated the Boundless Realm.

The Lord of the Spiritual Realm was one of the most prominent figures in the Boundless Realm. The Oscars were not even on par with them. The only comparable force against him was the Pavilion Elixir.

However, James was not afraid.

James replied, “I’m sorry, but I need the Tribulation Liquid as well. If you want it, you can continue bidding. It’s yours if you can bid a higher number than me.”

With Emperor Jabari backing him up, James was fearless.

“Alright, good.”

A hoarse voice came from the opposite private room.

“I’d like to see if you can leave Elixir City alive.”

His words contained extreme menace.

However, James did not care about his threats.


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