The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3073

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3073-The other powerhouses began speculating on James’ identity.

“Who’s the other bidder?”

“He’s not even scared of the Spiritual Realm’s Lord.”

“From what I know, the Spiritual Realm’s Lord seems to be a powerful cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fourth Heaven.”

“Yeah, it’s rumored that Kai Yagmur is a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor. However, that was his cultivation rank many epochs ago. He’s been in seclusion for at least a hundred epochs, and his strength must’ve already risen to a higher level.”

At the auction hall, the discussion continued.

Hearing the discussions, James learned that the Spiritual Realm’s Lord’s name was Kai. He smiled faintly after learning that the Spiritual Realm’s Lord was only a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor.

A Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor would be nothing if Emperor Jabari lent him some strength. He could stimulate his physical body’s maximum strength, which was equivalent to that of a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor.

Moreover, Nico inside the Celestial Abode was also a Fourth Heaven Grand Emperor. As long as Nico succeeded in enhancing his bloodline, he would break into the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Stage.

James was confident and fearless in the Boundless Realm with his current trump cards.

Seeing that Kai stopped bidding, Yulia continued to speak, “Three thousand and one hundred, once! Three thousand and two hundred, twice! Three thousand and three hundred, sold!”

The auction hammer resounded. Suddenly, extremely hostile energy came from Kai’s private room.

Kai was enraged by James’ actions.

He was one of the most powerful cultivators in the Boundless Realm. No matter where he went, he was treated with honor. He never expected someone to not respect him.

Kai would have taken action against James if not because he was in Elixir City, the Oscars’ territory.

Kai knew how influential the Oscars were. Benedict was one of the Elixir Pavilion’s prominent Officials.

Benedict was a Third Heaven Grand Emperor and an Emperor Rank Alchemist.

Kai could get away with offending a Third Heaven Grand Emperor.

However, he could not afford to offend an Emperor Rank Alchemist.

Everyone present in the auction hall sensed Kai’s hostile aura and turned to look at his private room.

Ultimately, Kai suppressed his energy.

The powerhouses sighed in relief.

Yulia also glanced at James’ private room.

As the young lady of the Oscars, she knew that James’ private room was the one Jules personally asked for an invitation for.

‘Who did Jules get the invitation for? If he really offended Kai, it’d be troublesome,’ thought Yulia.

However, she did not interfere in the conflict. Instead, she continued with the auction.

“The next item is an ancient scroll unearthed from the Desolateness Ruins.

“About five epochs ago, our Grand Patriarch, Benedict, ventured into the Desolateness Sanctuary and obtained the ancient scroll after a narrow escape from danger. After researching the ancient scroll for a few Epochs, we still could not find out what exactly it was for.

“Today, we’ve specially taken it out for auction.

“The starting price of the ancient scroll is five unopened Path Stones, and each bid must increase by at least five Path Stones.”

Hearing the starting bid of the ancient scroll, an uproar broke out in the auction hall.

“What is the Oscar family doing? The starting price for a useless ancient scroll is five Path Stones?”

“They couldn’t figure it out after several epochs but are auctioning it for so much?”

Many dissatisfied voices sounded in the hall.

Yulia smiled and said, “Don’t worry, and let me explain.”

Finally, the crowd calmed down.

Yulia explained, “I’m sure everyone has heard of the Desolateness Ruins, right? It’s one of the Ten Dangerous Regions of the Boundless Realm. It’s rumored to be the place where Ancestral Gods died.

“It’s speculated that many Ancestral Gods’ inheritances could be found there.

“The fact that the ancient scroll was obtained from the Desolateness Ruins alone qualifies it as a valuable item that’s definitely worth the price.”

Yulia explained to the crowd.

James was intrigued by the Desolateness Ruins and decided to venture there after the auction.


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