The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3074

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3074-Majority of the powerhouses knew about the Desolateness Sanctuary.

It was a forbidden place, and it was true that Ancestral Gods had fallen there.

However, it was full of dangers. Even a Grand Emperor might not survive if he encountered trouble.

Therefore, very few Grand Emperors were willing to step into the Desolateness Sanctuary for the boons there. Only a few daredevils were willing to risk their lives.

After hearing Yulia’s explanation, many powerhouses immediately agreed that an item unearthed from the Desolateness Sanctuary was indeed worth a few Path Stones.

They were convinced to spend a few Path Stones to see if they could gain anything from the ancient scroll.

“I’ll bid five Path Stones.”

“I’ll bid ten Path Stones!”

A few powerhouses immediately made bids for it.

However, the bidding progressed very slowly.

When the bid for the ancient scroll reached thirty Path Stones, the bidding stopped.

No one thought it was worth more than thirty Path Stones.

Even a powerful family like the Oscars could not figure out the ancient scroll. Therefore, they might not be able to put it to use even if they were to win the bid. Hence, most of them did not want to buy such a useless thing and were more interested in getting practical stuff.

However, the Oscars felt the ancient scroll was priceless.

They expected the ancient scroll to be sold for at least three thousand Path Stones. Therefore, they specified that the bid had to be at least five Path Stones higher each time.

However, the situation was different from what they expected.

Seeing that no one was willing to bid after thirty Path Stones, James pressed the button on his table and said, “Forty Path Stones.”

James felt that he could buy the ancient scroll to study it.

The Oscars could not figure it out, but Emperor Jabari might be able to comprehend it.

He might actually gain something from it.

As soon as James made a bid, Kai also followed.

“Forty-five Path Stones!”

Kai had no interest in the ancient scroll but just wanted to get in James’ way.

He was furious with James. Seeing that James wanted to bid for something, he wanted to make James spend more money on it.

James calmly made another bid, “Fifty Path Stones.”




The two repeatedly increased their bids.

The bid for the ancient scroll increased from a few dozen Path Stones to a few hundred.

The powerhouses in the auction hall watched on as if it was a show.

No one expected things to turn out this way.

Kai was evidently trying to enrage his opponent.

“One thousand.”

James was getting impatient and immediately raised the bid to one thousand.”

“You sure are ruthless. You can have it.”

After James bid a thousand Path Stones, Kai gave up on the bid. However, he was satisfied with making James spend a thousand Path Stones for something he could have easily bought for a few dozen Path Stones.

Now that James had spent a thousand Path Stones, the anger in Kai’s heart dissipated.

James said contemptuously, “Who are you to fight with me?”

Naturally, James knew Kai was purposely raising the bid to annoy him.

Thus, James did not hold back on dissing him.

Kai murmured, “You better be careful, Young Man.”

Yulia did not expect the price to be raised to a thousand Path Stones. Thus, she was very grateful to Kai.

A faint smile formed on her beautiful face. Then, she asked, “Is there anyone who wants to bid higher than one thousand?

“It’s a valuable item unearthed from the Desolateness Sanctuary and might be related to the inheritance of an Ancestral God.”

However, the powerhouses were unconvinced no matter what she said and were unwilling to bid for it.

“One thousand, once!”

“One thousand, twice!”

“One thousand, thrice!


As the auction hammer fell, James successfully purchased the second item.


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