The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3078

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3078-Emperor Jabari was right.

As long as their plan worked and the mysterious force behind the Heavenly Path was eliminated, James might advance beyond the level of an Ancestral God and reach an unprecedented cultivation rank.

“Aren’t you afraid of Karma for helping me, Emperor Jabari?” asked James.

When he was really weak, Sophie told him she could not easily help him because it would attract Karma to herself.

Emperor Jabari smiled lightly and said, “There’s nothing to worry about. The moment you inherited the Celestial Abode, our fate was intertwined. What I did just now was trivial and wouldn’t affect me.”

James did not ask any other questions.

He took out the ancient scroll he bought from the auction and asked, “What’s this?”

Emperor Jabari took over the ancient scroll and reviewed it.

After a while, he said, “The writings on this scroll are magical characters from the Primeval Age. I’ve encountered similar characters in a ruin while traveling the universe.

“Is that so?” James was overwhelmed.

He was right that Emperor Jabari would be able to figure it out.

After all, he had traveled the entire universe and ventured into dangerous places, searching for his beloved, Yukia.

Emperor Jabari put down the ancient scroll and fell into deep thought.

After a while, he said slowly, “The Primeval Age was a glorious time. Grand Emperors were not the limit of cultivation. Instead, one could reach the highest level of an Ancestral God.

“However, very few could become Ancestral Gods.

“The characters on this scroll are called Ancestral Script.

“Ancestral Emperors used Ancestral Script to communicate. The Heavenly Path controlled everything in the universe and was all-knowing.

“However, the Heavenly Path couldn’t decipher things recorded in Ancestral Script.”

James listened carefully. He understood that Ancestral Scripts transcended everything else and that even the invincible Heavenly Path could not understand Ancestral Scripts.

He looked at Emperor Jabari and asked, “Do you understand Ancestral Script?”

Emperor Jabari shook his head, saying, “I’ve seen them before and tried to study them. However, I’m not very proficient. The Ancestral Script on this scroll is very complicated, and it’ll take some time for me to decipher it. There’s no rush. I’ll consume the Tribulation Liquid and try to comprehend it after I recover more of my Spirit Power.”

James asked, “How long will it take you to recover after consuming the Tribulation Liquid?”

Emperor Jabari glanced at the Tribulation Liquid on the table and said, “Very soon.”

“Mhm.” James nodded lightly and was relieved by Emperor Jabari’s words.

James did not linger in the Celestial Abode for long and left shortly after.

Soon, he returned to the outside world.

As soon as he left his room, he saw Monica sitting dejectedly on a stone chair in the courtyard.

James walked over and asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you unhappy?”

Monica stood up and said, “You’ve finally shown up, Sir. I encountered a problem while cultivating.”

“Is that so? What’s the problem? Tell me about it,” said James.

James immediately regretted his words.

He slapped his forehead and thought, ‘Why did I have to say that?’

Overjoyed, Monica quickly told him about her problem.

“I have an Elemental Holy Body, perfect for cultivating Elemental Inversion. However, I found it incredibly difficult to forge the Elemental Inversion Formation in my body. And this is only the first step in learning Elemental Inversion.

“The premise of cultivating Elemental Inversion is cultivating my organs into Elemental Ousias. Then, I’ll need to borrow the Ousias’ strength to generate strength. However, it’s really difficult. I’ve tried a few times but failed to transform my organs into Elemental Ousias. Sir, what does your Elemental Path Seal look like? Can you summon it for me to see?”

“About this…” James was troubled.


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