The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3079

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3079-Elemental Ousias? Elemental Path Seal?

He was only at the Sage Rank and had not cultivated an Ousia yet, so how could he have a Path Seal?

Meanwhile, his internal organs had already been integrated with the Five Elements of Genesis.

He used his consciousness to summon the Five Elements of Genesis.

Five great powers appeared before him.

James looked at the dejected Monica and asked, “Is this what you mean?”

Monica was astonished.

She was unsure whether they were Path Seals, but she sensed a powerful energy coming from the Five Elements of Genesis.

James was afraid that Monica would sense something strange, so he quickly put them away. Then, he said awkwardly, “You need to walk your own journey. I can’t teach you much.”

Monica returned to her senses and said, “As expected from you, Sir! Your Elemental Path Seals are amazing!”

Since Monica was still a Quasi-Emperor, she had no idea what the Five Elements of Genesis were and thought James had summoned his Path Seal.

Moreover, most Grand Emperors only had one Path Seal. Yet, James had five.

She thought James was incredibly admirable.

Jules, who was nearby, was also shocked by the sight. He only approached after James put away the Five Elements of Genesis.

Before he came into sight, his voice resounded.

“That was amazing, Mr. Caden.”

Both James and Monica turned toward him.

Jules gave a thumbs up, saying, “You’re so strong. I’ve been dissatisfied with the Spiritual Realm’s Lord for a long time. I never expected him to trouble you. You taught him a good lesson. Serves him right!”

After Jules sat down, he began blabbering.

“Do you know how much of an uproar you caused after taking action against Kai? All the powerhouses in Elixir City are trying to figure out your identity.”

Monica looked at him puzzledly and asked, “What happened?”

Jules explained, “Mr. Caden went to the Oscars’ auction, but the Spiritual Realm’s Lord was troubling Mr. Caden and even blocked his path. Ultimately, Mr. Caden made a move and shattered his Path Seal.”

“You’re so powerful, Mr. Caden!”

Jules did not witness James exerting his Path Energy.

However, he heard rumors about it.

He heard from a Grand Emperor that when James made a move, countless Paths emerged from his palm and fused. With just one move, Kai was defeated.

James was embarrassed by his words.

He coughed and said, “You’re flattering me. I’d like to stay more low-key.”

Jules immediately understood and said, “Understood! Low-key it is!”

Suddenly, Jules thought of something and asked, “By the way, I heard from the Oscars’ Young Lady. She asked me about you, saying she prepared a feast. She wants to invite you. Are you interested in attending?”

Jules looked at James eagerly.

He was hoping James would agree.

Jules had been pursuing Yulia for a long time, but she had always remained indifferent to him.

Finally, his opportunity had come.

He might succeed if he handled her favor well.

“It’s her?”

James was lost in thought.

Yulia seemed decent and still stood up for him despite knowing Kai’s strength.

After thinking about it, James replied, “I’ve nothing to do anyway. I don’t mind going to Elixir City and exploring it for a bit more.”


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