The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3081

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3081-The Oscars were one of the most influential families in Elixir City. Even if the Elixir Pavilion’s Master were to visit them, they would not put so much effort into welcoming him.

Meanwhile, the entire city continued to discuss James.

“Did you see the powerful cultivator that defeated Kai with just a wave of his hand? He even shattered Kai’s Path Seal.”

“I saw him!”

“He’s young but so strong! With just a wave of the hand, he summoned countless Paths.”

“What’s his origin?”

“I’ve no idea.”

Regardless of rank, all the cultivators within Elixir City were discussing James, trying to figure out his origin.

Meanwhile, James left Sky City with Jules and headed toward Elixir City. Monica also accompanied them.

As soon as they left Sky City and arrived on a mountain path, a gorgeous woman immediately approached them.

The woman wore a white dress and had an alchemist badge on her chest. She was beautiful and had an outstanding temperament.


Seeing James’ party approaching, she was stunned. Then, she walked over and looked at James in disbelief. “Why are you here, James?”


James was also shocked to see her.

She was the woman he met after he sold the elixirs he had refined.

“Sis, what brings you home?”

Jules was also surprised to see her and asked, “Do you two know each other?”

Yuina was stunned.

‘Could it be that Jules brought James here?’

James said smilingly, “We’ve met before. I never expected her to be your younger sister.”

Jules thought for a while, pulled Yuina aside, and whispered, “What’s going on, Yuina? How do you know Mr. Caden?”

“Mr. Caden?”

Yuina was taken aback by Jules’ formal manner toward James.

Then, she returned to her senses. Someone who could easily summon an Ancestral God Weapon was indeed worthy of such respect.

Yuina began to explain how she met James while he was selling elixirs.

Hearing her recounting their encounter, Jules had a clearer picture.

Then, he said smilingly, “Yulia invited Mr. Caden to the Oscar Residence for dinner. Since you’re back, let’s go together.”

“I-I still have to report back to Father.”

Before Yuina could continue speaking, Jules interrupted her, saying, “There’s no rush.”

Then, he pulled Yuina close to James.

Jules took Yuina’s hand into James’ hand and said smilingly, “I’ll leave my sister to you, Mr. Caden.”

James was startled.

Yuina’s pretty face blushed, and she quickly withdrew her hand. She immediately expressed her dissatisfaction, “What are you doing, Jules?”

Jules said smilingly, “Mr. Caden, my sister is very shy and hasn’t been in a relationship before. You just need to go on a few more dates with her.”

James was speechless.

Jules was trying to matchmake him and his sister.

“I-I’ll go back first! Let’s talk another time.”

Yuina babbled and excused herself.

After she left, Jules asked smilingly, “What do you think of my sister, Mr. Caden?”

James commented, “She’s decent and very beautiful.”

With a bright smile, Jules clasped his hands and cheered, “Perfect!”


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