The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3086

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3086-James and Jules had been traveling together for a while.

However, James had never sensed Curse Power on Jules’ before. It was only recently that he sensed Curse Power twice from Jules.

There was definitely something wrong.

James had a feeling the Sanctuary of Darkness had already infiltrated the Elixir Pavilion and was about to make a big move.

The Elixir Pavilion was about to hold a grand event to recruit disciples. It was also going to be their biggest event in thousands of years. James felt that if he were in the Sanctuary of Darkness’ shoes, he would also choose to cause trouble at a time like this.

James returned to his room, sat in a lotus position, and tried to establish a connection with Jimmu.

“Jimmu, do you hear me? Jimmu?”

After sensing Jimmu’s location, James telepathically called out to him.

At that moment, Jimmu was with a few powerhouses from the Sanctuary of Darkness outside the Holy Realm. They had been around the area for some time but could not find a chance to infiltrate.

After hearing James’ call, Jimmu headed to a desolate place in a flash.

“I hear you.”

He replied telepathically to James.

James heard Jimmu’s voice and asked, “Has the Sanctuary of Darkness been planning anything recently?”

Jimmu replied, “I don’t know. I’m just a newly promoted elder who doesn’t have any authority. The Sanctuary of Darkness’ plans isn’t disclosed to me. However, I do know that the powerful members scattered around the Boundless Realm have headed toward the Boundless Realm. They’re all trying to get in, and their final destination is the Elixir Realm.”

Jimmu’s words immediately confirmed James’ speculation.

The Sanctuary of Darkness was planning to take action against the Elixir Pavilion.

“Has the Sanctuary of Darkness already gathered many powerhouses?” asked James.

Jimmu’s voice resounded in his mind. “There are a lot of them. The weakest is at the Divine Rank’s Third Stage. There are many Quasi-Emperors and Grand Emperors. The Sanctuary of Darkness seemed to have sent out all their forces this time.”

“Alright. If you have any more updates, let me know immediately.”

After James spoke, he deactivated their communication.

Then, he teleported into the Celestial Abode with a flash.

James headed to Emperor Jabari’s seclusion spot in the Celestial Abode.

Since Emperor Jabari did not have a body, he needed a vessel to restore his Soul Power. His current vessel was a statue.

James walked toward the statue and passed on the news he had just obtained.

The statue’s mouth started to move, and a voice came from it. “If I’m not mistaken, the Sanctuary of Darkness wants to attack during the Elixir Pavilion’s disciple recruitment conference.”

“What should I do?” asked James.

Emperor Jabari replied, “Don’t worry. If the Sanctuary of Darkness really wants to destroy the Elixir Paviliion, it’ll be done during the conference that will take place about two to three thousand years later. There’s still a lot of time. By then, I would’ve already recovered much of my Soul Power. Even though I’m still in a soul fragment, I’ll have the strength of a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor. Besides…”

After thinking for a while, Emperor Jabari continued to speak, “You’re weak right now. Even if I lent you my strength, you’ll still be clueless about Paths. The most important thing for you to do right now is to step into the Divine Rank and gain a basic understanding of Path Energy.

“Only by doing so can you exert Path Energy after borrowing my strength.”

Emperor Jabari gave his suggestion.

He wanted James to improve as soon as possible.

However, James had a troubled expression.

It was tough for him to enter the Divine Rank.

He was only at the Sage Rank’s Twenty-Fifth Stage and was far from the Divine Rank.

However, he would have enough time to reach the Divine Rank if the Sanctuary of Darkness was planning to attack during the conference taking place in two to three thousand years.

Two to three thousand years was sufficient time.

“Mhm. I’ll try to improve as soon as possible.” James nodded lightly.

He formulated a plan.

The pressure motivated him.

He would not be able to improve if he continued to stay in Elixir City. Thus, he planned to go on adventures in some dangerous places.

Only in true desperation could one reach true potential.


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