The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3087

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3087-James bid farewell to Emperor Jabari, then went into the Time Chamber.

Nico was in seclusion inside the Time Chamber.

When James arrived at the Time Chamber, he saw Nico in a lotus position on the ground.

Nico’s body emanated multicolored lights, which was a spectacular sight. At the same time, powerful energy also emitted from his body.

James knew Nico was refining the Aquacollis.

After he succeeded, his blood would go through an enhancement, and his cultivation rank would be raised to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Stage.

However, how long it would take was uncertain.

“How long more do you need, Nico?” asked James.

The Sanctuary of Darkness was lurking and preparing to attack, making James slightly anxious.

James was worried about being unable to defeat the Sanctuary of Darkness with Emperor Jabari in his current state.

Nico opened his eyes and looked at James. Then, he replied, “I need about a hundred thousand years.”

“One hundred thousand years? That long?” James was surprised.

“I’ll try to finish as soon as possible.”

After replying to James, Nico concentrated on cultivating again.

James did not inquire further.

The passage of time in the Time Chamber was much faster than that of the outside world.

Since they had two to three thousand more years, Nico should be able to finish cultivating in the Time Chamber by then.

After meeting up with Nico, James left the Time Chamber.

He went to see Emperor Jabari again.

“I’ll be going on adventures to train. I’m planning to head over to the Desolateness Sanctuary. Could you take some time to study the ancient scroll? I’ll try my luck in finding any boons from the Desolateness Sanctuary.”


Emperor Jabari did not say much.

After James informed Emperor Jabari, he left the Celestial Abode.

Then, he walked out of his room.

It was already dark outside.

He sat in the courtyard and looked at the night sky, deep in his thoughts.

Soon, Jules came to see him.

Jules called out, “Mr. Caden.”

“Mhm.” James returned to his senses and said, “I’m going to leave soon.”


Surprised, Jules asked, “Everything is fine here, so why are you leaving? You promised to be a judge during our conference. How could you just leave?”

James said, “I bought an ancient scroll unearthed from the Desolateness Sanctuary at the Oscars’ auction. I’m planning to venture into the Desolateness Sanctuary for some time. Besides, there are still two to three thousand years before the Elixir Pavilion’s disciple recruitment conference. I’ll probably be back by then.

Jules was relieved.

At that moment, Monica also came over.

She was startled to hear their conversation and asked, “Sir, you’re going to the Desolateness Sanctuary?”

“Yeah.” James nodded.

James turned to Jules and said, “Since I don’t know much about the Desolateness Sanctuary, could you help me collect some information? The more details, the better.”

Jules asked, “When do you need it?”

James replied, “As soon as possible.”

“Alright. I’ll gather information right away!”

Jules turned to leave.

Monica sat beside him and said, “I’ll come with you.”

James glanced at her and said, “You can’t follow me this time. Stay in the Elixir Pavilion. I’ll go have a look and come back as soon as possible.”

Monica said coquettishly, “Please? I don’t care. I’m coming with you.”


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