The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3091

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3091-“Thank you, Grand Emperor,” James expressed his gratitude while waving his hand. Powerful energy emanated from his palm, subsequently merging with the void in front of him. A crack materialized into an opening. Once James stepped into the opening, the crack disappeared along with him.

In another realm, another fissure appeared out of thin air, allowing a rather handsome man into the realm. Wearing a white robe, James walked out of the crevice. He saw stars, millions of them. Many abandoned planets were floating around. Each of them was enormous, comparable to those of the Elixir Realm. He could sense the violent energies circulating around him.

“Thump!” The sound of an explosion spread from a distance. Following the explosion, a flash of red colored the night sky. James followed the direction of the sound. A planet, devoid of humans, had just been blown into pieces, discharging violent energies. The power of that eruption was equivalent to that of someone who had attained the Grand Emperor Rank’s First Heaven. Although the distance between the planet and James was great, he felt its ferocious energy moving toward him in waves. These waves were so great that he could not control his body from swaying from left to right. Summoning the entire might of his body, he finally managed to resist the planet’s energy.

“This place is creepy.” James’ expression was grim. The Desolateness Sanctuary was one of the most dangerous places in the Boundless Realm. Even if one held the rank of Grand Emperor, they would not recklessly enter the Sanctuary. Out of all the abandoned planets that he sensed, some were destroyed and left in half, and some looked complete but were surrounded by frightening energies. In the night sky, wind blades appeared from time to time, tearing the void apart. This caused the void to be unstable, resulting in the materialization of chaotic currents in the void.

“Be careful, James. This place is no joke.” Even Emperor Jabari in the Celestial Abode was sending James a reminder. “I can sense extraordinary energy at work in this place. If I’m not mistaken, an Ancestral God must have fallen here in the Primeval Age.”

James became more cautious after hearing the Emperor’s reminder. However, at the same time, he was filled with excitement. He knew that the Ancestral God Rank was the pinnacle of what any cultivator could achieve. If someone who reached the Ancestral God rank fell here, this place must not be taken lightly. There must have been something frightening. If he stayed here for two to three thousand years, he would definitely ascend to the Divine Rank.

“Emperor, have you ever studied Ancestral Script?” James enquired.

“Yes, I’ve studied it before.” Emperor Jabari answered him.

“Did you discover anything?” James eagerly asked.

The Emperor replied, “I didn’t go too deep in terms of the Ancestral Script and can only understand the broad strokes of it. After some research and analysis of the ancient scroll, I believe its general idea is that there’s a magical place in this realm that even the Heavenly Path is unable to govern. That essentially means, once you enter that place, whatever you do will not be known by the Heavenly Path.”

“So to put it in simpler terms, that would mean a lawless space?”

“Equivalent to a place on Earth where laws do not exist.”

Once Emperor Jabari said these words, James understood immediately. If this was a place out of the Heavenly Path’s reach, then it must indeed be a place of mystique.


Emperor Jabari interrupted and said, “I only managed to derive this out of the scroll. I still have to slowly research the rest.”


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