The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3093

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3093-Since James’ physical energy had merely reached the Divine Rank, he was unable to withstand the power of this abandoned world by relying on only his physical strength. He barely managed to resist even with the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword at hand.

“James,” Emperor Jabari said from the Celestial Abode, “Although the environment here is dire, it encapsulates violent energies. As the Elemental Inversion Formation can absorb all forms of power, this is a good place for cultivation. You should look for a place to start your cultivation.”

“Right.” James nodded. He continued forward. After a short while, he reached the peak of a mountain that was so solid that even the most violent of energies was not its worthy opponent. He crossed his legs and started focusing his mind. Elemental Sage Energy materialized in his body, followed by the Five Elements of Genesis. As the Five Elements of Genesis gathered at the top of his head, he summoned them into the Elemental Inversion Formation, in which elements coincided and collided with one another. In the next instant, the formation started moving in a circular motion. As it spun and rotated, it absorbed the violent energies around it, transforming them into the purest form of power possible.

James had not cultivated seriously for a long time. Once he commenced his cultivation, he could sense his Sage Energy growing rapidly due to the violent energies in this world.

Emperor Jabari knew that all James needed now was time. With a wave of the hand, he set up a Time Formation so James could cultivate. The Emperor was wise and knew many things, especially with regard to the Path of Time. His formation was so well built that the Time Chamber of the Celestial Abode paled in comparison. It allowed time to flow ever slower. One day in the outer world was equal to a year in the formation.

James immersed himself fully in the cultivation of his power. Without him realizing it, he had arrived at the peak of the Sage Rank’s Twenty-Fifth Stage. Since the energies that he was absorbing were too violent, the energy he released was very pure. There was no need for him to suppress his rank. He chose to break through the Sage Rank’s Twenty-Fifth Stage.

Without delay, the seal within his body appeared. It sealed off all the meridians of his body as well as his entire body’s strength. The available energy at James’ disposal was but a little. He summoned this drop of energy to attack the seal within his body. It felt like water to stone, but he persevered. Once the first seal was broken, the amount of energy that he could summon increased.

Time passed without a sound. In the blink of an eye, James had stayed in the formation for more than three hundred years. Yet, not even a year had passed in the outer world. These three hundred years of rigorous cultivation allowed him to break through his rank and arrive at the Sage Rank’s Twenty-Sixth Stage. As he broke through once again, he could sense the realm barrier which was surrounding him thinning. He knew that once the barriers were broken, he would be able to understand the true Path and reach the Divine Rank. However, even at the Divine Rank, he could barely pass as a powerful figure.

After the breakthrough, he took a deep breath. As he stared at the Elemental Inversion Formation above his head, he could not help but speak in awe, “The Elemental Inversion Formation is so amazing. Elemental Inversion absorbs all powers between heaven and earth, allowing me to ascend ranks at a much greater speed. But this wouldn’t be possible without the Time Formation by Emperor Jabari. Otherwise, even if I had the Elemental Inversion Formation, attaining the Divine Rank before the commencement of the Elixir Gathering would be near impossible.”

Being one step away from attaining the Divine Rank, James’ desire to build up his strength merely grew.


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