The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3097

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3097-Many a time, he was almost destroyed by evil spirits. Fortunately, he had Emperor Jabari on his side, allowing him to avoid such calamities.

He started his journey in searching for the Desolateness among the planets. He stepped into many dangerous spots on his way, almost falling prey to dangerous formations. At times, some formations were so dangerous that even Emperor Jabari had to spend some time breaking them.

In this eerily silent world, he moved forward, step by step.

A thousand years had passed in the outside world. All this while, James had ascended through his ranks from the initial Sage Rank’s Twenty-Fifth Stage to the Thirty-Third Stage. He was now very close to attaining the Divine Rank and paralleling with the powerful figures of the rank. However, he had no luck in finding the Desolateness that Emperor Jabari told him about.

Amid the bald massifs, he stopped to take a break and sat on a black rock.

“Emperor, I’ve searched for so many years, but have still not found the so-called Desolateness. Did you decipher the scroll accurately?” James was now doubting Emperor Jabari’s interpretations of the scroll. Or perhaps, there was no Forsaken Land from the beginning and the scroll was merely a ploy by an Ancestral God.

“There is no mistake.” Emperor Jabari’s voice came, “These years have given me more time to better understand the ancient scroll. I’m much more confident about my interpretation now. The Forsaken Land and the Desolateness definitely exist.”

“Oh, right.” James asked, “How many years have I been here?” Since he stayed within the Time Formation, he only knew that a long time had passed but was clueless about the exact amount in the outside world.

“Around one thousand and five hundred years,” Emperor Jabari replied.

“One thousand and five hundred years?” James was astonished and let out a long sigh. “That means I only have about a thousand years left before the Elixir Gathering commences. Yet, after such a long time of cultivating, I still have yet to ascend into the Divine Rank.” James envied Thea a little. With how fast she cultivated, she had attained the Ninth Heaven of the Grand Emperor Rank despite only having just arrived in this world tens of thousands of years ago. He, on the other hand, was still at the Sage Rank.

“There’s a powerful figure nearby. Be careful. I’ll keep silent for now,” Emperor Jabari spoke suddenly, followed by complete silence.

“A powerful figure?” James staggered.

He stood up immediately and scanned his surroundings. However, there were only ruins around him, paired with thunderstorms and lightning. No one could be seen.

Out of the blue, a shadow appeared in the distance. He could see the figure better now. It was a woman in her early twenties. Wearing a pink dress, her facial features were sharp and stunning. Her curvaceous figure made her all the more alluring. She was perfect.

“What is she doing here?” James was slightly shocked. The woman was none other than Melinda Yisroel whom he met at the Stardust Realm, the baby that the Lord of the Stardust Realm picked up from the Reincarnation Pond.


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