The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3098

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3098-Melinda Yisroel, a powerful figure from the Reincarnation Pond and a prodigy. James came into contact with her once. However, this time, it seemed as though Melinda had a memory of her being picked up by the Lord of the Stardust Realm from the Pond. It was very likely that she remembered her past life, in which she was one of the most famous figures in the Primeval Age.

This was all in James’ head though. As to whether it was true, James could not vouch for his thoughts.

Melinda sensed James’ presence from the first second she stepped onto this abandoned planet. Now that they met, her gaze remained on him for a very long time. She was unable to hide her astonishment.

After a few seconds, she collected herself and appeared right in front of James in a flash.

“Why are you here?” She enquired provocatively.

James stood up and looked at Melinda. This world was filled with so many violent energies that could not be resisted by common cultivators of the Divine Rank. Yet, here stood Melinda, who was ignoring all the violent energies around her as if they did not exist. James was confident that her power exceeded that of the Divine Rank. He tried to see through her superficial appearance but was to no avail. It was a shame that Emperor Jabari could not offer him advice at this moment. Since Emperor Jabari said that she was a very powerful figure, her power must have been greater than James could imagine.

“Well, why did you come all the way here to this abandoned land of the Holy Realm? Why not remain in the Stardust Realm?” James returned her provocative question with equally provocative answers.

Lips pursed, she let out a chuckle. Her smile uncovered two dimples on the corners of her lips.

“You’ve improved quite fast, I have to say. It hasn’t been long, but you’re already at the peak of the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage. You’re incredibly near to attaining the Divine Rank.”

“And you as well, you did a great job at concealing your rank,” James spoke coldly. “Your power must have reached a rank beyond comprehension to be able to easily navigate this place and to be here in the Desolateness Ruins alone. Which rank have you actually acquired?”

Melinda did not answer James’ questions directly, instead, she responded, “I’m here to retrieve a weapon.”

“A weapon?” James was confused.

“Yes,” Melinda continued, “I left it in the Forsaken Land last time. It’s time I take it back.”

“Last time?” He was dumbfounded. When was her last time here? He tried to make a guess. Was it the Primeval Age?

“Who the heck are you?” he asked.

Melinda stared at James with a stern expression and said, “Who I am isn’t important. What’s important is I’ve no intention to harm you. Otherwise, you would’ve died back in the Stardust Realm. My existence here is to help you.”

“Help me?” James was bewildered. “How?”

However, Melinda did not explain further and asked instead, “Now, tell me, why are you here? This place is extremely dangerous. Even powerful figures who have attained the Grand Emperor Rank wouldn’t dare to simply show up here. Unless there’s some powerful figure on your side helping you.”

Melinda wanted to know who James was as well. However, after staring at him for quite some time, she still could not figure anything out.

As for James, he was very interested in who Melinda was. Yet, he let it slide since she did not want to disclose that piece of information. Facing her question, he did not conceal much and answered truthfully, “When I was in Elixir City, I participated in a bid, from which I got an ancient scroll. Since the scroll came from the Desolateness Ruins, I wanted to come here and see what it was like.”

As he spoke, he made sure to take a good glance at Melinda.


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