The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3100

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3100-After contemplating for some time, he still could not figure anything out. To get the answers he wanted, he could only increase his strength and reach the Grand Emperor Rank. However, that was too difficult. Even the greatest prodigies could only reach such a rank after tens of thousands of years. Meanwhile, the time needed for ordinary cultivators was counted using the measurement unit of ‘Epoch’.

An Epoch was approximately 4.9 billion years, and a cultivator that could reach the Grand Emperor Rank in an Epoch was already considered a demon.

“Grand Emperor, are we still going to search for the Desolateness and the entrance of the Forsaken Land?’ James asked.

After brief contemplation, Emperor Jabari said, “You heard Melinda. Even if you find the Desolateness, you might not be able to enter the Forsaken Land. Our priority now is to comprehend the Path and cross into the Divine Rank as soon as possible. After reaching the Divine Rank, your training will finally come to a close.”

Hearing this, a fire burned in James’ eyes.

“The Divine Rank…”

He had been dreaming of reaching this rank for some time now. That was because he would only be considered a powerful figure upon reaching this rank. Besides, that was the only way for him to cultivate some secret Supernatural Arts he had acquired previously.

James calmed his mind and put those thoughts aside.

Emperor Jabari continued, “After reaching the Sage Rank’s Thirty-Third Stage, you’ll need to consider your future path. You may choose a single Path to cultivate, anything you like.

“Your comprehension of the Sword Path is extremely high. If you cultivate the Sword Path, you should be able to accomplish Consolidation easily. Upon accomplishing Consolidation, you’ll be able to cultivate your own Ousia. Besides, you possess an Elemental Holy Body, which possesses the Five Elements of Genesis that have existed since the dawn of time. If you cultivate the Elemental Path, you’ll be able to swiftly coalesce Elemental Ousia. With Elemental Inversion, you can merge the Five Elements and create an unprecedented Ousia. Not only that, but you also possess Heavenly and Demonic Powers. If you work hard and gain insight into them, you’ll be able to cultivate Yin and Yang Ousia. Your choice.”

Hearing this, James contemplated for a while before asking, “Can’t I cultivate at the same time?”


Emperor Jabari laughed and said, “Of course you can. However, a cultivator has limited energy. It will be difficult cultivating many Paths at the same time. Only those at the Grand Emperor Rank who have unlimited time can accomplish such a feat. Upon reaching the Grand Emperor Rank and cultivating a Path Seal, you’ll be able to cultivate other Paths. The more profound your comprehension of the Paths, and as the power of the Paths merges with the Path Seal, the Path Seal’s power will grow. The stronger the Path Seal, the greater the mastery of the Grand Emperor Rank. Under normal circumstances, cultivators would only cultivate a single Path and Ousia upon reaching the Divine Rank. Of course, some prodigies who aren’t satisfied with just a few would opt to cultivate more. The more Ousias one can cultivate, the greater one’s strength in the Divine Rank. However, the Heavenly Tribulation you would have to undergo will be equally terrifying. With the permission of the Heavenly Path, a cultivator can only cultivate nine Ousias and gather nine Path Seals at most.”

Emperor Jabari began sharing some knowledge with James.

Hearing this, James finally understood.

Then, he fell into deep thought.

‘Which Path should I cultivate?’

He hesitated.

He would not give up on the Sword Path. Besides that, he did not wish to forfeit the Elemental Path. That was because he possessed the Elemental Holy Body and the Five Elements of Genesis. With Elemental Inversion, he would be able to forge new Paths by cultivating the Elemental Path. This was a Path forged by the Five Ancestral Masters in the Primeval Age, and James only needed to follow the proper cultivation instructions.

Meanwhile, Heavenly Power and Demonic Power were two immense powers that were related to Crucifier. James did not wish to give that up as well.

Emperor Jabari said that a cultivator could cultivate nine Ousias with the permission of the Heavenly Path.


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