The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3101

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3101-With the Sword Path, the Elemental Path, and the Yin and Yang Path, James now had eight. The final one would be Curse Magic, which was both a Supernatural Power and a Path.

There were tens of thousands of Curse Characters inside his body, which built the foundation for cultivating the Curse Path. Besides, Curse Magic was so terrifying that even Grand Emperors were fearful. Thus, he did not wish to give them up. If he cultivated them all, there would be nine in total.

“Should I cultivate them?” James scratched his nose and murmured.

Guessing James’ thoughts, Emperor Jabari said, “You can cultivate them all at once. However, to my understanding, even a prodigy is only able to cultivate four Ousias at any one moment. Since you plan on cultivating nine, the Heavenly Tribulation you’ll encounter will be terrifying. However, since you’ve overcome even the Ancestral God Tribulation, I don’t think you’ll have any problem dealing with the Heavenly Tribulations. Regardless, cultivating nine Ousias at the same time is a waste of time. It would be extremely difficult to cultivate each Path to its pinnacle, and this would only delay your progress toward the Grand Emperor Rank. However, there are many benefits to this as well. Once you cross into the Grand Emperor Rank, you’ll be the most terrifying Grand Emperor that has ever lived. Within the Grand Emperor Rank, no one is capable of defeating his opponent of a higher rank. However, if you cultivate nine Ousias and gather nine Path Seals, you’ll surely be able to accomplish such a feat.”

Emperor Jabari explained the pros and cons to James.

Hearing this, James was lost in contemplation. After some time, he said, “Grand Emperor, I have decided to cultivate nine Ousias.”

“Mhm.” Emperor Jabari said, “That’s fine. Once you’ve chosen your cultivation path, you must remain steadfast and resolute in the decision you’ve made.”

“I will.”

James’ eyes shone with determination.

After making his decision, he sat in a lotus position on the ground and blanked his mind. Of all the Paths he had interacted with, he had the most profound mastery of the Sword Path. Thus, he decided to cultivate the Sword Path and gather the Sword Path Ousia. The Sword Path he cultivated was left behind by the Ancestral Sword Master of the Primeval Age.

The Sword Path was divided into five stages.

The first stage was Sword Move, which James had comprehended perfectly.

The second stage was Sword Shadow. As long as one had perfect mastery of the previous stage, so too would he have of the second stage.

The third stage was Sword Will. Sword Will was related to one’s cultivation base and state of mind. Since James was already at the Sage Rank’s Thirty-third Stage, he had broken free of all shackles of the Sage Rank and could sense the Path’s presence.

The fourth stage was Sword Intent, which was intertwined with Sword Will. Sword Intent referred to the intent of the heart, hence the name ‘Sword Intent’.

The fifth stage was Consolidation, which meant the consolidation of the previous four stages.

When the four stages consolidated into one, a Sword Path Ousia would be born.


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