The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3106

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3106-James was not exaggerating. If this matter was not properly dealt with, the Elixir Pavilion could be destroyed.

Seeing that James was serious, Yuina said, “I can take you to my father. However, I can’t be sure whether he’ll meet you.”


James nodded and said, “That’s fine. I think he’ll meet me.”

“Alright, let’s get going then.”

Yuina knew how grim the situation was. If what James said was true, this would be extremely terrifying.

She brought James to the Elixir Pavilion and entered Sky City. As they arrived at the city gate, a group of people walked toward them. In the lead was none other than Jules, Young Master of the Pavilion.

Jules froze when he saw James. Then, he ran toward him and asked delightedly, “When did you return, James? Why didn’t you inform me? I would have prepared a warm welcome.”

After he spoke, he walked toward Yuina and whispered, “Serve him well, you understand?”

Yuina rolled her eyes and said, “I’m busy. Please get out of my way.”

“See you later, James.”

Jules bid James farewell.

James looked at Yuina and said, “Let’s get going.”


Yuina nodded.

Then, they arrived at the back of Sky City. This place was connected to the mountain of the Elixir Pavilion’s main peak. As this was the holy site of the Pavilion, no one was allowed to trespass. However, as the daughter of the Master, Yuina had the right to approach this place.

Soon, they arrived at the peak of a mountain. There was a wooden house here. Outside, there were some stone chairs and a stone table.

Yuina pointed at the chairs and said, “Have a seat.”

Then, she headed toward the door and gently knocked on it, “Father.”

Two people were currently in closed-door meditation. They were Silverster Daniela, the Old Master of the Pavilion, and Helvius Daniela, the current Master. Their Path Seals had shown cracks, and even though millennia had passed, they had not yet recovered.

Helvius stopped cultivating, and redness soon returned to his pale expression. He stood up and walked toward the door. Wearing a surly expression, he opened the door and looked at Yuina, asking, “Didn’t I tell you not to interrupt me while I’m in a closed-door meditation?”

“Father,” Yuina said respectfully, “something big has happened. I have brought someone here. He has important matters to discuss with you. He’s the one I mentioned before, the young man who possesses an Imperial Weapon.”


Intrigued, Helvius glanced at James who was sitting on a stone chair not too far away.

James had stayed in the Pavilion for some time back then. However, as Helvius was injured, he had no time for this.

He strode forward and sat beside James.

Yuina walked over to them and said, “James, this is my father, the current Master of the Elixir Pavilion.”


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