The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3108

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3108-James only came here to discuss matters with Helvius because he was at his wit’s end.

He looked at Helvius and asked, “What do you have in mind?”

Helvius shook his head slightly. Though he long knew about the Sanctuary’s conspiracy, he had no way of addressing the threat. He had been in closed-door meditation all these years in an attempt to regain his strength. If he regained his strength, the Sanctuary would no longer pose a threat.

Wearing a grim expression, James said, “The Sanctuary is determined to annihilate the Elixir Pavilion this time. To my understanding, the Young Master could have been controlled. Not only that, but Official Benedict Oscar could also be a spy as well.”

Stunned, Helvius said, “No way. Benedict has joined the Elixir Pavilion for many Great Eons. How can this be?”

James answered him truthfully, “To be honest with you, I’m capable of sensing Curse Power. I can sense Curse Power in both the Young Master and Benedict. I also believe that the Sanctuary must have more spies among our ranks. Our priority is to remove them before the commencement of the Gathering.”

Hearing this, Helvius said dejectedly, “Truth be told, I have no idea of knowing who has been colluding with the Sanctuary.”

James fell deep into thought.

He could sense Curse Power in a brief moment. However, upon entering the Divine Rank, he had no idea whether he could sense the presence of Curse Power by catalyzing the Curse Inscription in his body.

“How long more till the Gathering?” James asked.

Helvius replied, “In less than ten years.”

“Ten years…” James murmured.

With such a short period of time remaining, there was no time to formulate a plan.

After brief contemplation, he looked at Helvius and asked, “You’re saying you’re injured?”

“Yes.” Helvius nodded and said, “My Path Seal has been shattered. Even though I’m a powerful alchemist, I’m unable to refine an elixir capable of restoring my Path Seal. I need a lot of time to rejuvenate.”

At that moment, James was reminded of Crucifier, which was capable of healing all wounds.

He had no idea whether this would work.

After thinking for a moment, James said, “Perhaps we can try to heal your Path Seal.”


Helvius froze.

He was a Grand Emperor at the Fifth Heaven.

Ever since cracks appeared on his Path Seal, he had been finding it hard to rejuvenate. No elixir was capable of healing his Path Seal. So, he could only spend time slowly rejuvenating.

James said, “Why don’t we give it a try? Maybe it might work.”

Since Helvius was out of options, he said, “Alright, then.”

Hearing this, James summoned Crucifier.

As Crucifier appeared before Helvius, he froze before exclaiming, “Crucifier?”

James glanced at him and asked, “You know this thing?”

Helvius nodded grimly and said, “I saw records of this thing in the ancient texts.”


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