The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3114

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3114-Helvius gradually calmed down.

James continued, “We shouldn’t alert them. Since we know what Jules is up to, we have ways of dealing with him. He’s observing the Formation, thinking of ways to break them. At the pivotal moment, he would open the Formation and allow passage to the Sanctuary. In that case, we just have to secretly change the Formation.”

Silvester nodded and said, “We will have to refrain from acting recklessly. I will come here every day at precisely the same hour to heal your injuries. Once you’ve recovered, we have to find a way to neutralize the spies among our ranks before the Gathering. When the Gathering commences and the Sanctuary attacks, we will annihilate them once and for all.”

Silvester and Helvius were in agreement with James’ idea.

After the discussion, James turned to leave.

For the coming years, James would arrive on time to heal their injuries. With Crucifier’s assiatnce, their injuries recovered rapidly. In just a few short years, they had completely rejuvenated.

Now, only three years remained till the Elixir Gathering. Even so, alchemists from all over the world had flocked to Elixir City. Some were from the Boundless Holy Realm, whereas others came from even further beyond.

James was together with Silvester and Helvius.

“We should make our move soon.”

James sat on a chair and gently tapped the surface of the table with his finger. All these years, he would arrive at the holy site every day without fail. Thus, slowly and gradually, he had become close acquaintances with Helvius and Silvester. They would frequently discuss strategies. Now that they formulated a plan, the time had come for them to execute it.


Silvester nodded and said, “We will first make a move on Benedict Oscar and neutralize him.”

Helvius’ face darkened as he clenched his fists and said, “I never thought that Benedict would be a spy of the Sanctuary. I will definitely tear him to pieces!”

James waved slightly and said, “We’ll see once we have imprisoned him.”

Helvius said, “I will now summon Benedict here to the holy site.”

Their plan was to summon these spies to the holy site so that the Old Master could neutralize them.

James nodded slightly.

In the basement of the Oscar Residence, Benedict was sitting in a lotus position on the ground. Black sigils emerged in his surroundings, as his expression turned more and more ferocious.

Clack! Clack! Clack!

The sound of footsteps could be heard.

Then, a gorgeous lady walked in. She was wearing a red dress. Her appearance was impeccable, and her figure was flawless.

“Father,” she greeted him respectfully.

Benedict’s face darkened as he said coldly, “Didn’t you warn you against interrupting me while I’m in a closed-door meditation?”

“Father, I have just received news from the Elixir Pavilion. The Master has something important to discuss with you at the holy site behind Sky City,” Yulia said respectfully.

Hearing this, Benedict froze.

No disciple was allowed to trespass into the holy site as that was the closed-door meditation sanctuary of the Old Master.

“Why did he summon me there at this moment?” Benedict murmured to himself, “He must have summoned me to discuss matters relating to the Elixir Gathering since he’s currently too injured.”

Benedict did not suspect anything at all. He dispersed his aura and stood up before leaving the basement. Then, he arrived at the Elixir Pavilion, entered Sky City, and headed to its back.


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