The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3115

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3115-The guards here had been rotated out. Now, they were absolutely loyal to the Pavilion.

“Official Benedict, you have kept the Master waiting. He has instructed that you head straight toward the mountain upon your arrival,” the guard said respectfully.


Wearing a composed expression on his face, Benedict strode forward.

Soon, he arrived at the peak of the mountain and saw a wooden house. Two people could be seen there, Helvius and James.

Benedict froze and thought to himself, “Why is he here?”

After collecting himself, he walked toward Helvius. As he arrived before Helvius, he clasped his fists and greeted him, “Master.”

Helvius waved slightly and said, “Have a seat.”

Benedict took a seat and glanced at James before looking at Helvius and asking, “Is something the matter, Master?”

Helvius’ expression turned grim.

“Official Benedict, how long have you joined Pavilion for?”

After some contemplation, Benedict said, “I can’t remember. A few Great Eons, I think.”

“Indeed, many Great Eons…” Helvius said grimly, “The Pavilion is in deep peril. We will be relying on you in the future.”

Hearing this, Benedict asked, “What’s wrong?”

Helvius said, “A few thousand years ago, Official Jadrank turned traitor and manipulated me into attacking the Old Master. Enraged, the Old Master retaliated and injured me. Now, both the Old Master and I are injured. Our Path Seals are broken, and they have not recovered since. Recently, I received news that Jadranka belonged to the Sanctuary of Darkness and that the Sanctuary intends to make a move on us at the Elixir Gathering. Since the Old Master and I are injured, we’ll leave the responsibility of defending the Pavilion to you and the Great Elder.”

Stunned, Benedict asked, “What?! The Old Master and you are injured?”

“Yes.” Helvius nodded.

At that moment, Silvester walked out of the wooden house ahead. His expression was surly.

Upon seeing Silvester, Benedict immediately greeted him respectfully, “Old Master.”

Silvester walked toward Benedict and patted his shoulder. Wearing a grim expression, he said, “Benedict, we’ll be leaving the fate of the Pavilion in your hands.”

Benedict gave his assurance, “Don’t worry, Old Master. I will give my life to the Pavilion.”

“Very good. I’m relieved to hear this.” Silvester was delighted. His hand rested on Benedict’s shoulder as he said, “The Sanctuary is terrifying. You mustn’t let your guard down.”

Benedict said, “The Pavilion is full of powerful individuals. If the Sanctuary dares attack, we’ll annihilate them all.”

The moment Benedict let his guard down, Silvester summoned his full strength and slammed his fist against his shoulder. Immediately, a crack appeared on his shoulder, which soon spread throughout his body. In an instant, there were countless cracks on Silvester’s body. Meanwhile, his body collapsed to the dirt below.


Benedict’s face darkened. Enraged, he summoned immense power.

At that moment, however, Silvester slammed his palm against his chest.

After being struck twice in a row, even a Grand Emperor such as Benedict could no longer endure for much longer. Cracks had already appeared on the Path Seal inside his body.

Meanwhile, Silvester swiftly sealed away his strength.

Upon seeing this, James smiled faintly and said, “I never thought you’d be able to subdue Benedict so easily.”

Helvius said smilingly, “The Old Master is a Grand Emperor at the Seventh Heaven. Who can stand against him?”


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