The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3121

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3121-Wearing a grim expression, Tamuuz said, “Something’s not quite right. Why can’t I contact Benedict? Did something happen?”

“No way,” Jadranka said, “Benedict’s extremely powerful. There’s no way something could have happened. He must be worried that he might be exposed, considering that many powerful figures are gathered in the Pavilion now. That’s why he chose not to respond.”

Tamuuz said grimly, “Not just Benedict, I can’t contact even a single spy that the Sanctuary has planted in the Pavilion. If I’m not mistaken, the Pavilion must have located the spies that have infiltrated their ranks and subdued them.”

“What should we do then?” Jadranka asked, “Should we continue with our plan? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Silvester and Helvius are injured, and the strength of the Pavilion has been severely diminished. If we miss this opportunity, we might find it impossible to annihilate them in the future.”

Tamuuz fell into deep thought. After some time, he said, “Let’s not rush things. We should wait patiently for now. Since we have gone all out, I don’t want any unexpected accidents to happen.”

“Understood.” Jadranka nodded and shut her mouth.

Sensing something was amiss, Tamuuz did not act recklessly but instead observed the situation from the shadows.

Meanwhile, James and the others waited patiently for a few days. Though the Elixir Gathering had ended, the Sanctuary did not make a move. After the Elixir Gathering ended, the discipleship examination was organized on time.

At the same time, in the holy site at the back of Sky City, James, and the others were wearing grim expressions.

James said, “Though many days have passed, the Sanctuary did not make any move. They must have sensed something was amiss.”

Helvius said, “Of course they have. We have imprisoned all the spies that infiltrated our ranks. Before the operation, they would surely reach out to them. Now that their communication is cut off, they must have sensed that something was amiss. Thus, they will not act recklessly.”

Dismayed, Nuub said, “What should we do then? I was planning to see how powerful I am now by fighting against the Sanctuary.”

James gently tapped the surface of the table with his finger.

After some time, he stopped abruptly.

“Our only way is to ask Benedict and the others to send them a message. That’s the only way the Sanctuary will make a move.”

Hearing this, Silvester’s expression was grim as he said, “It would be nigh impossible to make them betray the Sanctuary.”

James said nonchalantly, “Not necessarily. They sided with the Sanctuary because they have their eyes on Curse Magic.”

Then, he stood up and said, “I’ll be heading to the dungeon to meet Benedict and the others. Follow along, Nuub.”

“Yes, James.”

Nuub stood up as well.

James did not linger for long and stood up to leave. Before long, he arrived at an empty plot of land. Silvester who was a distance away raised his hand, and mysterious sigils emerged in his palm and entered the plot of land before James. The earth cracked, and an underground passage appeared.

James entered the underground passage and headed into the depths. Approximately ten minutes later, he arrived at the dungeon where many powerful figures were imprisoned. These were all core members of the Pavilion who sided with the Sanctuary.

James arrived at the dungeon Benedict was in and walked in.

Since Benedict was injured and his cultivation base had been sealed away, he could not catalyze his strength to heal his injuries. He was lying on the ground, his life hanging by a thread. Upon sensing James’ presence, he crawled up with great difficulty and sat on the ground.


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