The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3122

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3122-Benedict sat on the ground. Though wretched, he glanced at James and asked nonchalantly, “Why are you here?”

Though he appeared nonchalant on the outside, he was secretly puzzled inside. Why could an insignificant figure like James freely enter the Pavilion’s holy site?

‘Could he really be an extremely powerful guy?’

He was puzzled.

James walked into the dungeon and waved his hand casually. Immediately, a chair appeared. As he sat on the chair, he looked at Benedict and said coldly, “Benedict, do you know why you lost?”

Benedict shook his head and said, “I don’t know, nor do I wish to know.”

He knew he had lost. His fate would be terrible. Perhaps he would live, but he would be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

James said, “In truth, you have disguised yourself well. Not even the Pavilion’s Master could see through you. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll work with the Sanctuary from the inside when they attack the Pavilion. When that happens, the Pavilion will surely be destroyed. However, I appeared out of nowhere. You must be curious. How were you and your fellow spies discovered.”

Benedict looked at James. He had been contemplating the answer to this question but could not figure anything out. He asked, “How did the Pavilion find out?”

James smiled and said, “Simple. That’s because by siding with the Sanctuary, you cultivated Curse Magic, and as such, there’s Curse Power inside your body.”

Full of disbelief, Benedict said, “That’s all? I have never used Curse Power in public, and it cannot be detected when it’s not being used.”

James smiled faintly.

Then, his mind stirred, and tens of thousands of Curse Characters emerged from his body and appeared before Benedict. Each of these characters was imbued with mysterious power.


Benedict instantly froze.

“How can this be? Y-You are a member of the Sanctuary as well?” he exclaimed.

James, however, shook his head.

“No, I’m not. Who told you that only the Sanctuary is capable of using Curse Magic? Plus, I’ll tell you this. The Sanctuary’s Curse Magic is not true Curse Magic. Mine, on the other hand, is the legitimate form of Curse Magic passed down by the Ancestral Talisman Master in the Primeval Age.”

Looking at the Curse Inscription hovering before James, Benedict could not believe his eyes. Curse Magic was profound and enigmatic. He only obtained a few Curse Inscriptions despite joining the Sanctuary for countless years, not to mention he had yet to completely comprehend them. James, however, was able to summon tens of thousands of them at a single time.

He was utterly stunned.

After some time, he took a deep breath.

The shocked expression on his face disappeared as he looked at James calmly and asked, “Don’t tell me you came here just to show me these Curse Inscriptions.”

James dispersed the Curse Inscriptions and said, “Of course not. You joined the Sanctuary for a couple of reasons. One, you wish to cultivate Curse Magic to obtain Curse Inscription. Two, as an ambitious man, you wish to replace the Pavilion. The Sanctuary is powerful and can be of assistance to you. Three, perhaps you were being threatened.”


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