The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3127

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3127-‘Could it be that his strength had reached a point where even I can no longer sense it?’

Tamuuz was puzzled.

After some time, he looked at James and clasped his fists, saying, “My friend, the Sanctuary’s operation has nothing to do with you. Please leave at once. We will be eternally grateful to you.”

James looked at Tamuuz. At that moment, Emperor Jabari’s voice came, “Be careful, James. He’s a Grand Emperor at the Seventh Heaven. Even if you absorb all my power and completely activate your physical strength, he can still destroy your physical defenses easily.”

Hearing this, James’ expression turned grim.

However, since the Sanctuary had arrived, he had no choice but to meet them head-on.

Gazing at Tamuuz, he said nonchalantly while wearing a composed expression on his face, “Sorry, but no can do.”

Tamuuz’s face darkened as he said coldly, “You asked for this!”

Under normal circumstances, he would have struck already. However, the Chancellor told him that James possessed terrifying strength and had destroyed the Sanctuary’s plans before. He was even well-versed in Curse Magic and could absorb Curse Power. Though he was slightly intimidated, he could not let the Pavilion go. The Pavilion had grown to become a powerhouse. If they allowed the Pavilion to keep developing at such a rapid pace, the Sanctuary might not be able to annihilate them one day.

“In that case, you’ll die!” Tamuuz’s voice boomed.

Behind James were countless powerful figures of the Pavilion who all possessed enormous power. At that moment, Nergul who had crashed into a mountain stood up. His body flashed, and he appeared before James. Glancing at James, he had a grim expression on his shriveled face as he said, “Why are you here?”

Nergul had heard of James and knew that he had been staying in the Elixir Residence all this while. Jules had told him that James was a powerful figure. However, upon sensing his aura, he did not put Jules’ remarks to heart. After all, James’ aura was weak and insignificant. Now that James was out here in the open, he was displeased. This was the Sanctuary, after all. They had to be cautious when faced with such foes. Otherwise, the Pavilion could be annihilated.

Not many knew of James and SIlvester’s plan, not even the Great Elder, who only knew that the Old Master and the current Master were injured and not the specifics. Thus, only James, Silvester, Helvius, Benedict and the others who were convinced by James knew of the plan.

James glanced at Nergul. Seeing that he was injured, he said coldly, “There’ll be a fierce battle ahead of us. Go heal your injuries.”


Enraged, Nergul opened his mouth.

“I said go!” James roared while exuding a terrifying aura.

Even a Third Heaven Grand Emperor like Nergul was dumbfounded.

After freezing momentarily, he did not hesitate at all and hurriedly retreated from the battlefield to heal his injuries.

James, on the other hand, looked at Tamuuz from a distance away and said nonchalantly, “I’m curious. Why is the Sanctuary so adamant about destroying the Pavilion? The Pavilion is extremely powerful. You will suffer massive casualties in the process.”

“That’s none of your concern, kid!” Tamuuz said coldly and ordered, “Attack! Spare no one!”

As he gave the order, the powerful figures behind him charged.


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