The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3129

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3129-Sensing the terrifying energy fluctuations coming from the Pavilion, the powerful figures of the various families and sects of the Elixir Realm sensed that something was amiss. Without the slightest hesitation, they immediately escaped the Elixir Realm with their families and disciples into space and observed the situation from there.

In the Formation, the powerful figures of the Pavilion were all wearing grim expressions. The Sanctuary was too powerful. Even though they had the protection of the Mountain Formation, the Formation would soon be broken based on the current speed the enemy was attacking.

“What should we do?”

Many Sect Elders of the Pavilion looked at James who was standing in mid-air.

“Calm down.”

James’ expression was grim.

Now was not yet the time to strike for he wished to give more time for the living beings of the Elixir Realm to retreat. The offensives of the Sanctuary were too terrifying as hundreds of Grand Emperors attacked the Formation relentlessly. Upon sensing the unusual changes in the Pavilion, the cultivators of the Elixir Realm would certainly leave at once.

“Grand Emperor, can you extrapolate what are our chances for this battle?” James asked Emperor Jabari.

Emperor Jabari said, “James, there are too many variables for this battle. Any Grand Emperor could turn the tides of the battle. Thus, such a chaotic situation cannot be extrapolated. Before that, however, I tried extrapolating the outcome of the battle. What I learned is that there are extraordinary changes in the Heavenly Path.”

“What do you mean?” James was confused.

Emperor Jabari explained, “Under normal circumstances, Heaven’s Law is orderly and predictable. Yet, irregularities have occurred. This means that the outcome of this battle cannot be determined. Only after the battle is over will Heaven’s Law return to normalcy.”

“Are you saying that it’s a fifty-fifty?”


James took a deep breath.


Outside, the Sanctuary kept attacking the Pavilion’s Mountain Formation. Even though the Formation was set up by Silvester, cracks had begun to appear under the relentless assault of countless Grand Emperors. Their powerful energy had caused the crack to spread, and even some mountains inside the Pavilion had been destroyed by the power that seeped in.

A fissure appeared in Sky City.


Cracks began appearing on the main peak that connected to the back of Sky City. As the cracks appeared, a huge number of rocks came tumbling down. Then, Sky City began to collapse. Countless powerful figures hurriedly leaped into the air and appeared at a safe region.

James knew that the Formation would soon break based on the current speed.

“Give me strength, Grand Emperor.”

Without any delay, Emperor Jabari summoned his strength, which flowed into James’ body from the Celestial Abode. The moment immense power entered his body, James’ physical body and the power that was concealed within were stimulated. At that instant, James’ physical strength soared.

His bones made some cracking sounds.

James did a stretch as battle intent rose in his heart.

After absorbing the Tribulation Liquid, Emperor Jabari’s soul had been greatly restored. This time, he did not hold back. Summoning his full strength, the energy gushed into James’ body as his strength and aura rose dramatically.

“James, this is everything I have. The power that you control is now equivalent to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. However, at times of great importance, I’ll use everything at my disposal to assist you.”

Hearing this, James was relieved.


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