The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3130

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3130-Boom!

A loud explosion occurred above James. Above him, some parts of the Formation broke, and an immense power came gushing in. This power caused the void to crack, in which turbulence’s power surged.

At that moment, with the assistance of Emperor Jabari, James’ strength was equivalent to the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. Not only that but his physical strength had been completely activated, reaching the Fifth Heaven.

His body flashed, and he dodged the terrifying power.

The power plummeted from the sky and struck Sky City. Sky City, which had suffered massive damage, crumbled at that moment.

The Pavilion had emergency exits. Just as the Formation was about to break, the emergency exit was activated, and some weaker disciples hurriedly escaped.

In the distance, many powerful figures attacked the Formation.

Seeing that the Formation was about to break, a faint smile crept up on Tamuuz’s solemn face. At that moment, he raised his hand, and a glimmering sword emerged in his palm. The sword was black, and there were mysterious inscriptions circulating throughout the Sword Body. This was an Imperial Weapon. Raising the sword in his hand, a Sword Light appeared and charged straight toward the Formation!


As the Sword Light shredded through the air, even space was distorted. Then, a huge crack appeared.


The moment the Sword Light struck the Formation, the Formation immediately shattered. As the Formation shattered, a terrifying power swept through the Pavilion, and countless mountains and rivers of the Pavilion were instantly destroyed.


Tamuuz’s voice boomed.

As he gave his order, the countless powerful figures behind him charged forward. Meanwhile, many more charged out of the Pavilion as well to meet them in battle.

The moment the Formation shattered, some guests invited by the Pavilion hurriedly escaped and observed from afar. Since this was an internal affair of the Pavilion, they did not wish to intervene recklessly. That was because they knew that the Sanctuary was adamant about annihilating the Pavilion. If they joined in, they could be killed.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Tamuuz Darkness.”

A loud roar boomed from inside the Pavilion. Then, an elderly man soared into the sky. Wearing a grey robe, his face was covered in white hair. He exuded a terrifying aura that affected even heaven and earth, creating a terrifying magnetic field.

“It’s the Old Master!”

“The Old Master has left his closed-door meditation.”

Many breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Silvester.

Silvester was at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven and considered the greatest fighter in the world. Though the Sanctuary came menacingly, they would be annihilated the moment Silvester appeared.

Tamuuz gazed at Silvester. Upon sensing his terrifying aura, he smiled, “You dare to show yourself when your Path Seal has been destroyed? You must have a death wish!”

Holding the Imperial Weapon in his hand, Tamuuz’s body flashed, and he appeared before Silvester. As the sword in his hand fell, he performed a terrifying Sword Path.

Silvester raised his hand and waved, and bizarre characters emerged in his palm. These characters gathered to form a round disc, which flew toward the sword and blocked its attack.


When two Grand Emperors at the Seventh Heaven clashed, a single move from them could destroy the entire space. As such, the powerful figures stayed far away from them.

A voice boomed, “I will have my revenge, Jadranka!”

Then, Helvius appeared before Jadranka in an instant, glaring at her menacingly.

Jadranka looked at him as a condescending smile crept up on her seductive face. “I’d be afraid of you if you were in peak form, Helvius. What a shame that your Path Seal has been destroyed. In your current state, you stand no chance against me.”

Helvius did not waste any breath and immediately attacked.


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