The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3132

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3132-James had only previously fought against an extremely powerful cultivator in the Cursed World when his strength erupted.

He lacked experience fighting extremely powerful cultivators. Due to his carelessness, his body was struck and fell from the sky, landing hard on the ground.

However, that was about it.

His physical body was unique. In the entire Sanctuary of Darkness, only a handful of individuals were able to break his physical body’s defenses and harm him.

He climbed up from the ruins on the ground, reached out, and patted away the layer of dust on his body.


During this time, an unrivaled Sword Energy descended from the sky.


Sword Energy instantly destroyed the area where James was.

A deep pit of a million kilometers in circumference appeared on the ground.

James was in a sorry sight as he dragged himself out of the deep pit on the ground. The current him appeared disheveled.

“You’ve angered me!” James roared.

He shot up into the sky, wielding the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword. At this moment, a powerful Sword Intent manifested from his body. This Sword Intent was like a raging fire, scorching the sky.

With the buff of the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, this Sword Intent became extremely terrifying. Though the opponent was a cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven, they trembled in fear.

While carrying the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, James headed straight for this Grand Emperor.

In the eyes of the Grand Emperor, they saw James charging at them carrying the sword. James did not use any Sword Moves, but in the eyes of this Grand Emperor, he had performed innumerable sword techniques.

Every sword technique was an unrivaled sword technique.


The cultivator was shocked. They hesitated slightly.

James’ sword had already arrived the moment they hesitated.

Nonetheless, at this crucial moment, this Grand Emperor broke out of their trance. A longsword appeared in their hand, blocking James’ attack.


The longsword in their hand immediately snapped from the impact.

The terrifying Sword Path Energy directly struck this Grand Emperor’s body.

Dreadful Sword Energy entered their body, and their body was immediately sent flying. Sword Energy thrashed around in their body before exploding in an instant. Half of their body was blown apart.

However, that was all.

Although James’ strength was powerful and his swordsmanship was terrifying, he was only at the first Consolidation. He could not annihilate a cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven with a single strike of his sword.

This Grand Emperor quickly moved backward. When they were moving backward, they used their strength, and their wounds were constantly repaired.

Nonetheless, cracks had already appeared on their Path Seal. The wounds on their body could heal quickly, but recovering their Path Seal would be difficult.

“So troublesome.”

The Grand Emperor had a grave expression.

At this moment, James arrived once again. He continued to attack the Grand Emperor.

Afterimages kept appearing all around them. As each silhouette emerged, their body was struck with a blade. Within a short amount of time, their body was struck with thousands of blades. Their body was riddled with gaping wounds.

James’ comprehension of the Sword Path was only at the first Consolidation.

Even so, with the strength of Emperor Jabari and the Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword, he completely crushed the cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven.

In the beginning, the cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven moved to repel his attacks. Later, however, the cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven was attacked to the point where they were unable to fight back.

James was fighting, but he was also pondering.

The death of a cultivator at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven would have no effect on the state of the conflict.

To completely destroy the Sanctuary of Darkness, he had to first annihilate the leader.

He opened up his Divine Sense. His Divine Sense continued to spread throughout the entire Elixir Realm. However, he did not find Silvester and Tamuuz.

“In outer space.”

The voice of Emperor Jabari came from within the Celestial Abode.

“Got it,” James responded.

Emperor Jabari was aware of James’ thoughts. He knew what he wanted to do. He reminded him, “Be careful. Even though your physical body has reached the Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, your opponent is at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven after all. He can easily destroy the defenses of your physical body. Even if you don’t die, you’ll be severely injured after getting hit.”

James smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty.”

He had a lot of tricks up his sleeve.


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