The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3133

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3133-Moreover, he was only going to assist Silvester. He was not going to engage in a fight to the death with Tamuuz directly.

James stopped attacking this cultivator, who was at Grand Emperor Rank’s Second Heaven. With a flash, he appeared outside the Elixir Realm.

As soon as James appeared in the vast outer space outside the Elixir Realm, an extremely terrifying force descended upon him. This force was slamming against his physical body. Although his physical body had reached Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven, fine cracks appeared on his body. Blood kept seeping out. In an instant, he was covered in blood.

‘What a terrifying force.’

James was astonished. The mere shockwaves from the fight harmed his physical body. It would be terrible if he was struck head-on.

After taking a deep breath, he focused his thoughts. One hundred and eight Infinity Steles appeared around his body.

A hundred and eight Infinity Steles circled his body, forming an extremely powerful formation. He was in the formation formed by the Infinity Steles.

Previously, in the Cursed World, he relied on the Infinity Stele Formation to resist and absorb the Chancellor’s Curse Power attacks.

The Infinity Steles continued to rotate. As they rotated, they released an ancient and primal force that formed a powerful magnetic field. The magnetic field blocked the shockwaves from the battle in the distance.

The Infinity Stele was a divine object that had existed since the beginning of the universe.

Such a divine object held shocking secrets. However, James had a limited understanding of the Infinity Stele. Sophie had only taught him a little previously. With what little he had learned, he was able to form a powerful formation with the Infinity Stele.

Once he had completely understood the Infinity Stele, it would be quite frightening.

A terrifying battle was raging far away in outer space.

Silvester and Tamuuz were engaged in a fierce battle.

As the battle went on, Tamuuz became more and more shocked.

‘Wasn’t Silvester injured? Didn’t his Path Seal show damage? How is he still capable of releasing such powerful strength? Can his Path Seal support him to fight with such ferocity?’

Nonetheless, at this precise moment, he sensed the aura of a cultivator approaching.

He struck his palm against Silvester’s.


Where their palms collided, a dot appeared in space. This dot grew instantly. In a flash, a spatial rift the size of a planet appeared.

Tamuuz backed away quickly.

After retreating far away, he noticed the appearance of James.

When he saw the one hundred and eight mystical steles floating around James, he could not help but be taken aback.

“What’s this?”

He was at Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven and was both experienced and knowledgeable, but he was unaware of the history of the Infinity Stele. He could only sense that these steles were enigmatic.

James appeared in front of Silvester.

At this moment, Silvester’s hair was unkempt. He looked like a mess. Clearly, he did not have the upper hand when battling Tamuuz.

“I’ll help you,” said James.

Silvester reminded him, “Be careful. His Curse Magic is too terrifying. Even I wouldn’t dare to be careless.”

James smiled faintly. He was terrified of everything except Curse Magic.

A cold voice rang out, “Brat, you have a death wish.”

As the cold voice came, thousands of inextricably linked black auras rushed through the vast outer space, straight for the Infinity Steles.

The Infinity Steles continued to circle around, obstructing thousands of inextricably linked black auras. Even though they managed to block them, the impacts tipped some Infinity Steles.

James, who was in the Infinity Stele Formation, sensed a terrifying force approaching through the formation. It collided with his body, and tiny cracks appeared on him.

However, that was all. With the Infinity Steles blocking most of it, the remaining force was insufficient to completely annihilate James.


When Tamuuz saw this, he could not help but be apprehensive.

At this moment, James catalyzed Elemental Inversion. The Five Elements of Genesis manifested within his body. With the exertion of James’ strength, they were gathered together by force.

Elemental Inversion manifested Elemental Power. Five types of power were intertwined and layered with one another. With the addition of the five treasures that were the Five Elements of Genesis, they formed a massive wheel.

When the wheel appeared, the sky and earth shifted. The vast expanse of outer space began to shake as well.

“What’s this?”

Tamuuz stared as he continued to back away, having sensed an extremely terrifying force. Even he was shaken and terrified by it.


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