The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3134

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3134-The Five Elements of Genesis manifested Elemental Power.

Although James’ understanding of the Five Elements was still in its early stages, the Five Elements of Genesis were the most powerful Genesis since the beginning of the universe.

Currently, under the exertion of the Elemental Inversion, the Five Elements of Genesis formed an unrivaled wheel.

The wheel was massive, hanging horizontally in the vast outer space. The interior of the wheel was Elemental Power. Elemental Power had merged to create an extremely terrifying force.

James had yet to know what kind of force this was.

He only knew that the wheel formed by the Five Elements of Genesis was terrifying.

When Silvester witnessed this, he was slightly stunned.

“What’s this?” He cast an odd look at James.

James, on the other hand, looked serene.

Previously, in the Cursed World, he resisted the Chancellor with the Elemental Wheel and stalled for time. This enabled him to defeat the Chancellor.

Even the Chancellor, who was equivalent to being in Grand Emperor Rank’s Ninth Heaven, feared the Elemental Wheel, let alone Tamuuz, who was in Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven.

When Tamuuz was secretly astonished, the Elemental Wheel flew out quickly, seemingly appearing in front of Tamuuz in an instant. The enormous wheel was charging at him with a strange force.

This space had already been sealed off at this moment. Tamuuz wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. He could only passively defend himself.

He exerted all his might, then raised his hands with great force. Within his palms, boundless black energies formed. These black energies quickly gathered and formed strange black characters.

Every character possessed shocking power. They quickly gathered and formed a wall above Tamuuz’s head.

With an all-powerful force, the Elemental Wheel charged over. Space was constantly blown apart wherever it went. The scene was horrifying.


The Elemental Wheel slammed into the wall formed by the black characters.

A powerful explosion rang out at this precise moment.

The sound was deafening and echoed throughout the entire outer space. Even the inner region of the Elixir Realm in the distance heard the intense noise and sensed the approach of a terrifying force.

Under the crushing of the Elemental Wheel, the defense wall formed by Tamuuz was instantly shattered into countless black energies and dissipated.

Tamuuz recoiled. His body could not help but fall backward, and he appeared in the distance.

“Damn it.”

His expression was frighteningly grave. He now believed what the Chancellor had said.

Tamuuz believed James was the mysterious cultivator who had foiled the Sanctuary of Darkness’ plan in the Cursed World.

“What is this exactly?”

He was experienced and knowledgeable, but he did not know of the Elemental Wheel’s history. He was aware that the plan to destroy the Elixir Pavilion would fail in the presence of James. The thought of escaping had entered his mind, as the force of the Elemental Wheel was too powerful.

If the fight continued in this manner, he would be hurt.

Silvester seemed to have noticed Tamuuz’s desire to stop fighting zealously. At this moment, he appeared behind Tamuuz. With a raise of his hand, a handprint formed from the interweaving of inscriptions descended and attacked Tamuuz with great force.

This handprint was made up of intertwined inscriptions. It possessed tremendous power and was extremely destructive.

Tamuuz did not dare to be careless. He raised his hand and cast Curse Magic. Curse Power gathered in his palm and started to strike back.



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