The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3137

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3137-He knew that Tamuuz was already injured. Moreover, he was severely injured. It had a significant impact on his fighting ability.

“Damn it.”

Tamuuz’s expression was grim and frightening.

He noticed Silvester approaching him with an attack. His body instantly transformed into thousands of strands of black energy. These black energies fled in all directions.

After that, they completely vanished from this vast outer space.

“James, regardless of your origin, you will perish as you oppose the Sanctuary of Darkness.”

Tamuuz had vanished from this vast outer space, but his enraged roar still rang through this region.

James had already retreated to the edge of the Elixir Realm.

After retreating to this location, Emperor Jabari’s strength completely vanished. The strength in his body had weakened and returned to Divine Power. His physical strength had also faded into his body.

With a grave expression, Silvester rushed over and said, “When a powerful cultivator at the Grand Emperor Rank’s Seventh Heaven wants to flee, no one can stop him.”

James wore a disappointed expression on his face.

Emperor Jabari had exhausted all his strength in order to seriously injure Tamuuz. However, he never expected Tamuuz to abandon countless cultivators of the Sanctuary of Darkness and flee.

At this point, James was at his wits’ end.

He looked at Silvester and said, “I’m not going to get involved with the battle in the Elixir Realm. The rest is up to you. The most powerful cultivator of the Sanctuary of Darkness has already fled. The rest won’t be a problem. You should be able to quickly alleviate the battle.

“Remember to capture them alive if you can. Right now, we know far too little about the Sanctuary of Darkness. It would be fantastic if we could get some leads about it from these cultivators.”

“Got it.” Silvester nodded. He did not hesitate and quickly entered the Elixir Realm.

This time, the Sanctuary of Darkness had dispatched hundreds of Grand Emperors and countless Quasi-Emperors.

The goal was to completely obliterate the Elixir Pavilion.

The battle of the Elixir Pavilion had already spread throughout the entire world.

After Tamuuz fled, Silvester did not linger in outer space. He returned to the Elixir Realm to aid Helvius in battle.

Helvius was engaged in a fierce battle with Jadranka. Both of them had similar ranks. They were an equal match and could not do anything to each other.

With the addition of Silvester, the situation was different.

With the help of Silvester, a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor, Jadranka was soon defeated. She wanted to escape as well. However, this time, Silvester was on guard. When Jadranka wanted to flee, he had already sealed off the space in advance, preventing her from tearing open the void and escaping.

Jadranka was captured alive, and her cultivation base was sealed.

After Jadranka was captured alive, Helvius and Silvester had their hands free to deal with the other cultivators of the Sanctuary of Darkness.

Plus, there was Nico, a powerful cultivator in Grand Emperor Rank’s Fifth Heaven. The Sanctuary of Darkness cultivators suffered defeat after defeat. Many of them were killed. The rest were all captured alive.

This battle to obliterate the Elixir Pavilion by the Sanctuary of Darkness began and ended quickly.

In less than ten days, half of the Sanctuary of Darkness cultivators were killed in battle. The rest were all captured alive.

James was in outer space and did not enter.

After losing Emperor Jabari’s strength, he dared not get close to the battlefield at all. If he got close, any Quasi-Emperor could take his life.

After the battle was over, he finally appeared in the Elixir Pavilion.

The Elixir Pavilion had been completely demolished. Countless scenic wonders of mountains and rivers were destroyed. Sky City had also fallen into ruins. There was nowhere in the Elixir Pavilion that was unharmed.

In the ruins of the Elixir Pavilion, the Elixir Pavilion cultivators who had experienced an intense battle were all seated in the lotus position, carefully tending to their injuries.

Some of the Elixir Pavilion’s main powerhouses gathered.

James appeared on the ruins. As soon as he appeared, Silvester walked over.

James took a quick scan of his surroundings. When he saw that this area had turned into ruins, he could not help but ask, “How is the battle situation?”

Silvester sighed and said, “The Elixir Pavilion suffered a great loss during this battle. Many of our disciples were killed in battle. There have been numerous casualties among powerful cultivators in the rank of Sect Elders as well. However, this time, we prevailed. Many Sanctuary of Darkness cultivators were eliminated. The rest were all captured.

“It’s just a pity that the most powerful cultivator from the Sanctuary of Darkness escaped.” James sighed as well. Tamuuz’s escape concerned him greatly. Once Tamuuz’s injuries healed, he would definitely make a comeback.


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