The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3143

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3143-The Martial Reverend excused himself and left shortly after greeting James.

James planned to rest in the Paragon Sec for a while and spend time with Thea and Xainte.

He spent the next 300 years there.

He continued to perfect his swordsmanship and stabilize his Sword Path Ousia for 300 years. He eventually reached the Divine Rank’s First Stage and was finally regarded as a powerhouse.

The next thing for him was to stop focusing on his swordsmanship and to familiarize himself with other Paths. He would have to cultivate Nine Ousias, then slowly enhance them.

James was cultivating on a certain mountain within the bounds of the Paragon Sect. Apart from Thea and Xainte, no one else was permitted entry onto the mountain.

In the courtyard on the mountain, James sat in a lotus position and floated a few meters above the ground. A few strange, black inscriptions circled around him. A Jade Seal also floated beside him.

A veil of black energy and several black inscriptions surrounded the Jade Seal.

James was trying to comprehend the Curse Inscriptions.

He had already entered the Divine Rank and could now understand the mysterious Curse Inscriptions. Each of them transformed rapidly and contained mysterious power.

After cultivating and comprehending for some time, James discovered the relationship between the Jade Seal and the Curse Inscriptions in his body.

The engravings on the Jade Seal were general guidelines on Curse Magic.

The inscriptions within his body were Curse Inscriptions.

James now vaguely grasped the Curse Inscriptions in his body.

The Curse Inscriptions created by the Ancestral Talisman Master were horrific and evil. He did not want future generations to learn and practice his techniques, so he destroyed his cultivation base and his Path Seal during the fall of the Primeval Age.

However, the Ancestral Talisman Master could not bear for his signature skills to be lost. Moreover, he had already gained insight into Heaven’s secret and knew the Heavenly Path would use Curse Magic against humans in the future.

While breaking his Path Seal, he engraved the general guideline of his Curse Magic in the Jade Seal at the last moment. Then, he allowed it to be passed down in Galileo.

After his Path Seal was shattered, his Curse Power spread to the whole world.

The Curse Magic engraved within the Jade Seal was incomplete.

To obtain the complete Curse Magic, one would have to use the Jade Seal to absorb Curse Power from the outside world and condense it.

This Curse Power from the outside world would be used by the Heavenly Path to curse humans in the future.

These future visions were indecipherable by other cultivators practicing Curse Magic.

However, James had the Jade Seal passed on by the Ancestral Talisman Master. As such, he could gain insight into these secrets.

James murmured, “It seems the Curse Inscriptions I have now are only part of the complete version. To obtain the complete Curse Magic, I would have to absorb the Curse Power within all the humans’ bodies and turn them into inscriptions.”

He looked at the Jade Seal floating before him.

James learned that the Jade Seal was the key to practicing Curse Magic. Using the inscriptions on the Jade Seal, he could cultivate an Ousia and form a Path Seal.

Without the Jade Seal, one could only practice a few Secret Arts using Curse Magic after obtaining the Curse Inscriptions.

“Curse Magic is really extraordinary. It’s almost omnipotent. If I master it to its fullest potential, I’ll become a top powerhouse.”

After James understood the basics of Curse Magic, his eyes were opened to its myriad of potential.

Curse Inscriptions varied wildly, and each could form countless variations.

The general outline engraved in the Jade Seal was even harder to understand.

If he wanted to fully comprehend it, he would have to spend a long time studying it.

James murmured pensively, “Perfecting Curse Magic will take an eternity. I still have a long way to go.”

Then, he put away the Jade Seal.

After putting away the Jade Seal, the mysterious black Inscriptions dispersed into black energy and were absorbed into his body to form inscriptions again.


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