The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3144

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3144-James’ body slowly descended and landed steadily on the ground.

He stood in the courtyard and looked at the Empyrean plants. Using his mind, black inscriptions emerged from his palm as he raised his hand.

The inscriptions shifted constantly and transformed into black energy.

The black energy swept over the surroundings like a strong wind.

The Empyrean plants in the distance immediately withered.

Immediately afterward, James raised his hand, and a few more black inscriptions emerged from his palm. The black inscriptions rapidly changed and transformed into black energy again.

The energy washed over the withered plants, and they immediately regained vitality. The plants grew rapidly, instantly reaching a height of more than one meter.

James had a basic understanding of Curse Magic.

Curse Magic was capable of anything. It could destroy life but also bring it back.

James smiled faintly.

He only understood the very basics of Curse Magic.

If he perfected it, he would be able to resurrect the dead with just the wave of a hand.


A voice came from the distance.

Soon, a woman in a white dress hurried over to him.

James glanced at Xainte running toward him and chided her. “You’re already a Quasi-Emperor. Where are your manners?”

Xainte explained frantically. “You don’t understand, Dad. Something happened!”

Cocking his brow, James asked. “Oh? What is it?”

“Aqua Realm has dried up!” screeched Xainte in alarm.

“Aquazues?” James was slightly taken aback.

Standing to the side, Nico said, “The Aqua Realm is a world within the Boundless Realm. The entire planet is full of seawater.

“However, it’s not just ordinary seawater. The water there is unusually and extremely corrosive. Even a Grand Emperor wouldn’t dare to venture into that world.”

“The Aqua Realm is huge, but no one knows its exact size. Since ancient times, it has always been full of seawater. No one has been able to explore its depths.”

Xainte nodded repeatedly and said, “Yeah. The Aqua Realm has always been full of seawater and is a forbidden planet. No powerhouse dared set foot into the place. However, the seawater there has suddenly vanished. The news of it has already spread all over the Boundless Realm. Many curious powerhouses are going there to find out what happened.”

“Let’s go see what’s happening too, Dad. There must be something wrong.”

Xainte looked at him with pleading eyes.

It had been a while since she had left on adventures to train. Thus, she was eager to go and explore the outside world.

Since James was powerful, she felt safe going to a dangerous place with him.

At that moment, Thea also came over.

“I also heard about the Aqua Realm’s situation. Everyone is talking about it,” said Thea.

James rubbed his chin and asked. “What’s the history behind the Aqua Realm? Are there any myths about the place?”

Both Thea and Xainte shook their heads.

Nico replied, “I’ve heard some rumors about the place.”

James turned to Nico.

Nico asked. “Have you heard of the Ancestral Aqua Master?”

James asked. “The Ancestral Aqua Master? One of the Five Ancestral Masters from the Primeval Age?”

Nico nodded and said, “Yeah. It’s rumored the Aqua Realm used to be a prosperous world during the Primeval Age. However, it was taken over by one of Heaven’s Adjudicators.”

“During the Primeval Age, a fierce war broke out, and the Five Ancestral Masters fought against the Heaven’s Adjudicator.

“To destroy their opponent, the Ancestral Aqua Master relied on a powerful treasure. It was the Water Genesis’ Spring. The Ancestral Aqua Master used it to unleash great power to destroy the world and seal the Heaven’s Adjudicator there. After the battle, the planet was dubbed the Aqua Realm.”


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