The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3149

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3149-Silvester immediately activated his Divine Senses and began to scan the surrounding area.

Before his Divine Sense could extend toward the mountain range, it was blocked by a mysterious force.


Silvester gasped in surprise. “There’s a formation here blocking out my Divine Sense. It seems to be quite a powerful formation.”

Hearing this, Nico casually waved his hand. A powerful force emerged from his palm and charged toward the mountains ahead.

The force struck the mountain range, and strange inscriptions suddenly appeared in the sky above the mountains. An ancient and mysterious formation gradually appeared in their sight.

The formation protected the entire mountain range.

It repelled Nico’s attack, and the force rushed back toward them.

“Stand back!”

Silvester and the rest immediately retreated.

After getting to a safe distance, the group looked at the mysterious formation.

“That’s a very powerful formation.” Nico looked at it in shock. He was a Fifth Heaven Grand Emperor, yet his attack was repelled effortlessly.

Nico turned to James and asked. “James, aren’t you proficient in formations? Do you know what kind of formation it is?”

James had an awkward expression.

‘What do you mean?

‘How am I proficient in formations?

‘Without Emperor Jabari’s assistance, I’m useless.’

“That’s a Heaven and Earth Sacrifice Formation.”

A voice rang out.

Hearing this, everyone turned toward the source.

A woman hovered in the air.

She looked to be in her 20s. The woman wore a long purple dress, and her black hair fluttered behind her. She was a beautiful and elegant woman.


James was surprised by the approaching woman and wondered why she was in this place.

Hearing James mutter to himself, Thea asked him, “What’s going on? Do you know her?”

James whispered, “I’ve met her twice before.”

Suddenly, Melinda appeared before them.

She gazed at James and the others, then smiled faintly.

Silvester looked at her and sensed that Melinda’s cultivation rank was relatively low. She was only in the Divine Rank but had a powerful Soul Power.

Therefore, he suspected that Melinda was a terrifying powerhouse.

After observing Melinda for a while, Silvester asked. “A Heaven and Earth Sacrifice Formation? What kind of formation is that?”

Everyone looked at Melinda since they could not grasp her words.

Melinda stared at the formation ahead and explained. “It’s a formation passed down from the Primeval Age. This formation was personally set up by an Ancestral God.”

Startled, James asked. “Was a Heaven’s Adjudicator sealed here in the past?”

Melinda looked at James and nodded. “That’s right. There is indeed a Heaven’s Adjudicator sealed here.”

“How do you know?” asked James.

Melinda said calmly, “The last Heaven’s Adjudicator is sealed here. She had great potential and was an existence that surpassed the Heavenly Path. She was too powerful, and it was impossible to kill her. Ultimately, an Ancestral God set up this formation to trap her here.”

“The last Heaven’s Adjudicator?”

James was taken aback.

‘She couldn’t possibly mean…’

‘Isn’t the last Heaven’s Adjudicator Winnie, who was in the Apocalypse Age?’


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