The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3150

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3150-“Are you sure she’s the last Heaven’s Adjudicator?”

James looked at Melinda.

However, Melinda did not respond to his question. She observed the formation ahead and murmured, “A formation laid down by an Ancestral God will be difficult to break.”

Melinda did not say much.

James fell into deep thought.

He felt there was more to Melinda’s words than she implied.

Silvester, Helvius, and Nico listened intently.

They had heard of Heaven’s Adjudicators before but only read about them in ancient books and were unsure of the details. Now they finally met someone who has knowledge about Heaven’s Adjudicators.

Silvester asked. “It’s rumored that Heaven’s Adjudicators judge the living beings that violate the Heavenly Path’s rules. Is that true?”

Melinda glanced at Silvester and replied, “Yes, and no.”

Confused, Silvester inquired, “What do you mean?”

After a brief thought, Melinda replied, “Let me put it this way. The Heavenly Path was created by a powerful person. It’s like a set of rules that govern the universe.

“The Heaven’s Ajudicators are the Heavenly Path’s confidants. They’re not under the control of the Heavenly Path. They’re not only able to kill those that defy the Heavenly Path but can also kill any living being as they wish.

“For example, you created the Elixir Pavilion and established the rules there. All the disciples of the Elixir Pavilion must abide by your rules and those that violate the rules will be punished accordingly. However, those with authority in your sect can convict anyone.”

After her explanation, everyone obtained a clearer understanding.

James looked at her and asked. “Who are you exactly?”

Melinda smiled but did not answer his question.

Afterward, she looked at James and said, “The formation is multi-layered. There are about thirty thousand layers. I’m only capable of breaking the foremost layers. You’ll need to break the last layer yourself.”

“Me?!” James was taken aback.

Melinda said, “Yes. The Ancestral Aqua Master set up the formation. To completely break the formation, we’ll need the Water Genesis.”

After speaking, Melinda refused to elaborate further.

In a flash, she appeared in the sky ahead of them. She raised her hand, and some mysterious inscriptions appeared out of her palm.

James touched his chin and murmured, “Where’d she come from? Why does she know I have the Water Genesis? It seems like she knows me quite well.”

Melinda’s identity was a mystery.

James had no way to figure out her background for now.

Meanwhile, Melinda began to break the formation.

The others waited to the side.

Three years passed in the blink of an eye.

Melinda mentioned the formation had 30,000 layers. After three years, she had only destroyed 1,000 of those layers. To completely break the formation would take a substantial amount of time.

Three years was a long time for mortals.

However, it would pass in a flash for cultivators.

James knew it would take quite a long time to completely break the formation. Thus, he did not stay idle. Instead, he used the opportunity to cultivate.

To utilize the time well, James asked Nova in the Celestial Abode to set up a Time Formation.

James cultivated within the Time Formation. Nico and the others were thrown off by him. He had displayed powerful combat strength in the past, but his current energy felt extremely weak.

Meanwhile, James focused on learning Curse Magic.

He tried to understand the inscriptions engraved in the Jade Seal.

As he comprehended the general guideline, he started deciphering the Curse Inscriptions in his body.

The general outline of the Curse Inscriptions was omnipotent, and many signature skills could be mastered from it. However, James would need powerful Curse Magic to unleash these skills.

At the moment, it was more important for James to cultivate Curse Power instead of learning these signature skills.


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