The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3158

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3158-Outside the Elixir Pavilion, the black clouds in the distance swept toward them rapidly. They appeared in the sky outside the Elixir Pavilion in the blink of an eye.

The black clouds enveloped Elixir City.

Seeing this, the cultivators in the Elixir Pavilion fled in panic.

A man slowly walked out of the dark clouds in the sky.

It was Tamuuz.

Tamuuz had not completely recovered from his injuries, and his face was pale. He floated in the air and looked at the Elixir Pavilion’s Elders floating in the sky.

When the Great Elder saw Tamuuz, his expression immediately became solemn.

His strength alone was insufficient to repel Tamuuz, even though Tamuuz was injured.

“Open the mountain gate.”

Tamuuz’s growled demandingly, “I’m here to bring back the members of the Sanctuary of Darkness.”

“Get lost!”

The Great Elder roared, “I’ll die before I let you save them!”


Tamuuz’s face darkened, and he ordered his subordinates to attack.

Powerhouses emerged from the dark clouds behind Tamuuz. About only a dozen of them were Grand Emperors.

Additionally, there were about a hundred Quasi Emperors.

The rest of the 30,000 men were at the peak of the Divine Rank.

These powerhouses were all that was left of the Sanctuary of Darkness.

They dispatched every last men to rescue their imprisoned members.

The powerhouses attacked the Elixir Pavilion’s formation.

Tamuuz knew he did not have much time.

The Sanctuary of Darkness’ Master could not stall James for long.

Thus, he had to act decisively.

He raised his hand, and a powerful force emerged. It gathered together to form a black beam of light.

The black beam of light burst out and shot at the protective formation.

A few cracks formed on the formation.

Several mountains that had just been rebuilt by the Elixir Pavillion also began to shake.

“He’s too strong.”

The Great Elder watched with a solemn expression. He did not expect Tamuuz to still possess such terrifying strength in his wounded condition.

“Fight them off!”

The Great Elder shouted, “The Old Master has reassured us that he’ll be back within a few days!”

Following the order of the Great Elder, the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouses charged forward. They exerted their full strength into the formation.

With their strength, the formation became stronger.

Tamuuz cursed out. “Damn it.”

He was in a rush. If he could not breach the Elixir Pavilion’s defenses within a day, it would be difficult to save their members.

At that moment, his body unleashed fearsome energy.

Several strands of black energy emerged from his body to form a giant sword.

The sword was 10,000 meters long and glinted dangerously.

The surrounding space became distorted by the powerful force it emitted. A few cracks formed in the sky and spread across the sky.

“Rend them in twain!”

Tamuuz casually waved his hand, and the 10,000-meter-long sword swung viciously. It struck the formation protecting the Elixir Pavilion.


The ground and mountains immediately began to shake from the impact.

The explosive sound boomed through the area, and the force injured cultivators within Elixir City. Some of the weaker ones died instantly.

Behind the formation, some of the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouses fell away after being knocked back by the force. They fell to the ground and were wounded.

Tamuuz was a Seventh Heaven Grand Emperor.

Even though he was injured, he could still fight formidably if he brought all his strength to bear.

Cracks appeared in the formation after sustaining his full-force attack.


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