The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3159

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 3159-However, the Elixir Pavilion’s powerhouses continued to hold their ground. They constantly channeled their energy and fortified the protective formation. The damage dealed to them was immediately recovered, and the formation solidified once more.


The giant sword struck the formation again.

It was much stronger than the previous blow.

Many of the powerhouses in the Elixir Pavilion spat out blood from the violent force. Even a Grand Emperor like the Great Elder coughed out blood after being knocked away. His face lost its color.

“If this continues, the formation will definitely be broken soon. It might not even last an hour, let alone three days. What should I do? What can I do now?”

The Great Elder was at his wits’ end.


Tumaaz repeatedly attacked the formation from outside.

Although the formation blocked his attacks, a portion of his energy seeped through the formation through the cracks into the Elixir Pavilion, destroying a few of the Elixir Pavilion’s mountains.

The Great Elder panicked and immediately ordered, “Open up the emergency escape passage! Everyone is to evacuate at once!”

After giving the order, he contacted Silvester again through their sect’s Secret Art.

“Old Master, the powerhouse from the Sanctuary of Darkness is too strong. The formation isn’t going to last long.”

After hearing the report, Silvester instructed, “If you can’t hold on, evacuate and conserve your energy.”


After receiving the order, the Great Master made evacuation preparations.

However, the Elixir Pavilion’s disciples had not finished evacuating in time. There was not much he could do but continue to hold Tamuuz off.

Apart from the Great Elder, the others struggled to sustain themselves. They exerted all their strength to support and stabilize the formation.

After all the disciples evacuated, the Great Elder ordered, “Evacuate now!”

He disappeared from the sky with a flash and appeared before the emergency escape passage.

The other elders immediately followed after him.

When these elders walked through the emergency escape passage, it immediately vanished.


Shortly after their evacuation, the formation was destroyed.

The powerhouses from the Sanctuary of Darkness raided the dungeon and released their detained members.

In the Aqua Realm, Silvester had been watching Melinda break the formation that trapped them. He was anxious and was hoping she would break it almost immediately.

However, the Great Elder reported to him before Melinda could completely dispel the formation.

“Old Master, all our disciples have evacuated to a safe area. However, our formation was shattered, and the Sanctuary of Darkness’ members that we imprisoned have been freed.”

Hearing this, Silvester’s face darkened.

James immediately asked him, “What’s the situation now, Old Master?”

Silvester sighed and said, “They’ve breached our formation.”

Startled, James further inquired, “Were there any casualties?”

Silvester said, “There weren’t any casualties. I already instructed them to evacuate if they couldn’t hold on. Everyone has already evacuated. However, the Sanctuary of Darkness’ members we captured previously were rescued.”

Relieved, James said, “It’s good there weren’t any casualties.”

Silvester said, “Unfortunately, the powerful members from the Sanctuary of Darkness were rescued. It’s going to be tough to wipe them out next time. If I knew it’d come to this, I would’ve killed them earlier on.”

James immediately took on the responsibility. “It’s my fault. I was careless and gave them an opportunity to strike.”

Silvester waved his hand, saying, “It’s not your fault. The Sanctuary of Darkness was determined to save them. They are a secret force and act from the dark. It’s impossible to completely guard against them.”

James stopped talking, but his expression was solemn.

He was trying to figure out what was the Sanctuary of Darkness’ next move.

The Sanctuary of Darkness was too shrouded in mystery, and he had little knowledge of them. It would be hard to figure out their goals.”

Time crept by.

Soon, three days had passed.

Melinda had finally broken the formation.

As soon as the formation was broken, Silvester rushed back to the Elixir Pavilion along with Helvius.

However, the Elixir Pavilion was already destroyed. All the powerhouses from the Sanctuary of Darkness they detained before were freed.

Fortunately, there were no casualties because everyone evacuated in time. They would have suffered more significant casualties had they defended the Elixir Pavilion to death.


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